A nobel prize visits Mexico



The recent visit to Mexico by an internationally renowned intellectual, Mario Vargas Llosa, was not pleasant for the authoritarian and populist spirit of President López Obrador, because he told truths that hurt the presidential ego, used to not being told his truths to him.

Peruvian writer, journalist and politician, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 and winner of the Prince of Asturias Awards for Literature in 1986, among other awards, writing widely read novels in several languages. In one of his frequent visits to our country, back in the 90s, when the PRI was practically the only party in Mexico, because it held almost all public positions in the country, he made a statement that shook even the bile of many of the leading politicians of that time: “Mexico is a perfect dictatorship.” When journalists asked him why he said it, he replied “because even though it appears to be a democracy with elections and political parties, and changes the president every 6 years, they are under the control of the government party, which is both judge and party” and that is why he wins all municipal, state and federal elections, altering the popular will according to the wishes of the president. ”

And so it was in effect, for seven decades of the last century, all the governors were from the same party as the president, 99% of the municipalities were governed by PRI members and the local and federal congresses were submitted by majorities of the same party, which they only abide by the decisions and even the whims and abuses of the president in turn. It was truly a party dictatorship, a perfect dictatorship, as Vargas Llosa said, because it pretended to be a democracy, but it was far from being one.

In addition to the robberies perpetrated by many of the most prominent politicians of those times, who amassed inordinate fortunes, that 70-year regime of one-party dictatorship caused other damage, perhaps of greater proportions, such as the civic-political backwardness in that our population fell, with so many years of hegemony of a single party. – I do not get involved in politics, why vote, if the PRI always wins, politics is very dirty-, and so on. They were some of the pretexts for not participating in politics and what the great philosopher Plato said more than 20 centuries ago happened. “A people that does not participate actively in the affairs of their city (or their country), is condemned to be governed by the worst men in their society.”

Now it seems that once again Vargas Llosa annoyed the governor of Mexico, declaring in an interview with Carlos Loret de Mola that President López Obrador “wants to be reelected, without any doubt.” He added: “practically all presidents would like to be kings. López Obrador wants to be reelected without any doubt. I hope that the Mexicans will not allow it.”

Also reports “Pulse” in its Friday edition, that the writer described the president as a populist and regretted that he asked Spain to apologize for the conquest of Mexico. “At this point, asking Spain to pay the costs of what was the conquest of Mexico, it is something absurd, it has neither head nor tail.” He also criticized the fact that he invited the president of Cuba, Díaz Canel, within the framework of the 200 years of the Independence of Mexico, to come here to give a speech, it doesn’t make much sense either, it’s frankly in bad taste. “

And I would add that President Obrador first demands compensation from the North American government for the immense territory that was taken from us in the middle of the last century, taking advantage of the weakness of the country, due to the internal wars between liberals and conservatives or the tremendous confrontation between the federalist camps. and the centralist, from which the North American government took great advantage, keeping the immense territories of Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and parts of New Mexico. All this when we were already an independent nation and not just a territory populated by peoples in permanent war like the Aztecs, against the Tlxcalans, the Texcocans and the Tarascos among others, when the conquest and colonization of what was then called New Spain began.

It went unnoticed, or almost, in Mexico but it is worth remembering today, when 58 city councils, 27 deputies to the local congress and a new state governor recently assumed their respective positions in our state, that on the International Day of Democracy, on September 15 was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), since 2007, to highlight the universal importance of peoples freely deciding their own political, economic, social and cultural systems, as well as their full participation in all aspects of their lives.

Perhaps because that date coincides with the celebration of our national holidays, but there were no mentions in the media about it, despite the fact that it was unanimously agreed upon by all the member nations of the international organization including, of course, Mexico, a country in which that these days DEMOCRACY APPEARS TO BE IN SERIOUS DANGER OF EXTINCTION DUE TO THE HIGH PENETRATION OF CRIME ORGANIZED IN THE POLITICAL FIELD, if citizens do not decide to actively participate in public affairs, strongly demanding that the constituted authorities, especially the Presidency of the Republic, the governorship and the municipalities, fulfill their duty to be an example to the entire nation of good government, of transparency and of fighting insecurity and corruption together with their inseparable companion, impunity.


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A nobel prize visits Mexico

Hank Gilbert