6 Outstanding Fictional Scientists We Met Through Television

Today November 21, which is International Television Day, we can remember the scientists who worked for this means of communication to exist, but we can also dedicate it to thinking about some scientists that television gave us.

That’s right, in many television programs we have met fictional scientists of all kinds, who are even the protagonists of various stories, in which their work in science is discussed to a greater or lesser extent.

Here are five examples of television scientists who either because of their dedication to their scientific work, or sometimes for other reasons, have stood out and transcended the screen.

Spock, Star Trek

Although he was not human, at least not fully, nor did we specifically know his academic degrees, this man, half Vulcan, served as ship’s scientific officer USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain Kirk.

Furthermore, regardless of their existing titles or not, Spock almost always shows great respect for scientific ideas and inductive-deductive reasoning in science.

So we have nothing left but to wish long life and prosperity to this, the first television scientist on our list.

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Samuel Beckett, Quantum Leap

This namesake of a renowned Irish writerHe was a fictional scientist who, because of a time travel experiment, that he had designed, but that did not turn out as expected, so he ends up jumping from one time to another.

Sam, as he was known on the TV series, had a Ph.D. in quantum physics, but since he had been a child prodigy, he had also studied archeology, medicine, music, astronomy and chemistry. Which was very useful for him to be able to solve the problems and adventures that were presented to him in his continuous time jumps.

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Dana Scully, The X Files

We met her seeking to contradict her partner Fox Mulder, whom she sometimes accused of being too gullible, regarding certain paranormal events or events related to the presence of aliens, which the FBI was investigating.

But Scully he was almost as rational as Spock, and had several scientific titles like Sam: he had a college degree in physics, and then a medical degree from Stanford University.

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Ross Geller, Friends

One of the six friends who gave this series its title, also had a doctorate in paleontology, and of course it was not something that went unnoticed, because Ross talked about dinosaurs every time he could.

In addition, the oldest of the Geller brothers was interested in sharing his academic achievements with his friends: on one occasion he invited them to a scientific conference where he presented a plenary lecture on evolution.

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Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD

We have here the example of another fictional scientist who seems to have a wealth of specialties and knowledge. It is generally known that Jemma Simmons has an academic degree in biochemistry, but in the part of the Marvel universe where it unfolds, It is common to see her perform medical procedures, which give us the clue that she could have a degree in medicine.

Simmons also demonstrates knowledge in other fields, such as Physics. Although perhaps it should not surprise us, because in the end the genius of this young scientist is what led her to be recruited by SHIELD

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Amy Farrah Fowler, The Big Bang Theory

She might seem like just another scientist on a show where most of the characters are scientists. But Amy fowler She not only stands out for being the devoted girlfriend of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, but she has many merits of her own in the field in which she develops as a researcher: neurosciences.

Even at the end of the series, we know that because of a collaborative work he does with Sheldon, both receive a Nobel Prize (We do not know if Medicine or Physics). By the way, Amy gives a very good speech on how important female role models are in science, to inspire other women.

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6 Outstanding Fictional Scientists We Met Through Television