48 hours for the election: Check the campaign closings of each candidate for La Moneda

At midnight on Thursday, the legal period to campaign for Sunday’s elections ends. Each candidate held an event to finalize this stage of the presidential race, in addition, the last chapter of the television strip was broadcast, where Gabriel Boric showed a greeting from the former president of Uruguay José “Pepe” Mujica, while Yasna Provoste exposed in his networks the international support of the winner of the Guatemalan Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú.

With only three days remaining until the presidential elections next Sunday, November 21, at midnight this Thursday the legal campaign period closes.

This is why six of the seven applicants for La Moneda, Gabriel boric (I approve of Dignity), Jose Antonio Kast (Christian Social Front), Yasna Provoste (New Social Pact), Sebastian Sichel (Chile We Can More), Eduardo Arts (Patriotic Union) and Marco Enriquez-Ominami (Progressive Party), carried out campaign closing acts with their adherents.

The only presidential candidate who was not present at some final event in his presidential career was Franco Parisi (People’s Party), who is out of the country. Despite this, the followers of the commercial engineer made some banners in various cities.

In addition, today the last chapter of the electoral strip on television, an instance in which the candidates also took the opportunity to make final reflections prior to Sunday’s elections.

Gabriel Boric and the support of «Pepe» Mujica

The Approve Dignity candidate decided to hold his last campaign event in the commune of Casablanca, in the Valparaíso Region, where he delivered his final speeches, after Thursday morning began its activities by planting a tree in the commune of Lo Espejo, in Santiago.

“When the people organize and promote changes, there are minorities that also organize to resist them. We are going to defeat them with the forces of ideas, with the force of democracy, talking and taking the crest to win this Sunday “, said Boric on stage in Casablanca.

In that instance, Boric was accompanied on stage by other leaders of the Frente Amplio, such as the conventional constituent and former presidential candidate. Beatriz Sanchez and the Governor of the Valparaíso Region, Rodrigo Mundaca. The socialist deputy Maya Fernández was also present along with other members of the PS.

Socialist militants at the end of Boric’s campaign / Agencia Uno

At the same time that the activity was ending, the appearance in the Boric segment of the former Uruguayan president, José «Pepe» Mujica, was surprised in the last broadcast of the television strip, who stated: «Everyone has a role to play, but cultivate hope , not hate. Do not cultivate fanaticism. Boric matters not only because he has youthful skin. He has the courage to have a utopia, to think of a better world«.

José Antonio Kast: «Great act» in Las Condes

For his part, the candidate of the extreme right, José Antonio Kast, began the last campaign activities on Wednesday morning in the half moon of Saval Park in Valdivia, River region.

This event caused controversy because the Municipality of Valdivia did not authorize the use of the public space because it is not authorized to occupy these places for “political proselytism”, as declared by Mayor Carla Antamann.

The presidential letter from the Christian Social Front continued its itinerary on Thursday afternoon, setting up a stage in the Araucano Park in the commune of Las Condes, doing what I call the «Feast of the daring». The musical group Croni-K participated in the instance.

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Flags of Cuba and Venezuela in the act of Kast / Agencia Uno

“This is a great act where we are going to raise the banners of freedom, peace and order,” Kast said in front of a hundred followers, some of them holding the flags of Cuba and Venezuela.

The president of the Republican Party concluded: «We want to recover the traditions and foundations of what is love for Chile, love for our homeland, a homeland that represents us and summons us all, where we are going to sing our anthem with force. national (…) God and the country is what inspires us ».

Yasna Provoste in regions

The candidate of the Christian Democracy, Yasna Provoste, decided to leave the capital for the final event of her campaign, just as she did for the final moment of the conventional primaries of the New Social Pact in Vallenar.

On this occasion Provoste participated in a public activity on Wednesday afternoon in Chillán, where to the sound of cumbia he met with the governor of the Ñuble Region, Oscar Crisóstomo, and the candidates for Congress from his coalition.

The following day, he repeated a similar event in the Plaza de la Independencia de Concepción, where he stated: «Let us meet again, let us once again be a homeland where, through unity, we can generate better opportunities for everyone.«.

Through her social networks, Yasna Provoste also took advantage of the last hours of the campaign to spread a greeting from the Guatemalan indigenous leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú.

«The political participation of indigenous women is a crossroads in the history of all the peoples of Latin America (…) We wish our sister Yasna Provoste to be very successful, to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, ”said Menchú.

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Yasna Provoste in Concepción / Agencia Uno

Sebastián Sichel: No party presidents attended

Early this Thursday, the presidential candidate Sebastián Sichel, closed his presidential campaign, using the so-called Plaza de la Dignidad, the epicenter of the social outbreak that began in October 2019.

The former candidate of Chile Podemos Más, He reached the roundabout of the monument to Baquedano, to fill it with yellow eddies, trying to install a concept.

“What we did on the campaign closing day is try to recover the square to give hope to the country that these elections are about the future, ”began the former Piñera minister.

Leaving a whirlpool represents what for us is the most important thing that is chosen on Sunday; you choose the future, or you choose the past, you choose places of encounter or disagreement. We are a campaign that wants to restore hope to Chile, that we are all going to be better, that this square will once again be a meeting place, ”he added.

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Sebastián Sichel in the so-called Plaza de la Dignidad / Agencia Uno

A factor to be highlighted in a subsequent activity carried out by Sichel is that, although the former presidential candidates of the coalition who lost in the primary Mario Desbordes and Ignacio Briones participated, the only party president present was Francisco Chahuán from Renovación Nacional.

ME-O with online assistance and Artés in Plaza de Armas

As for Marco Enríquez-Ominami, the candidate for the Presidency of the Progressive Party held an event with reduced capacity due to health security issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the candidate. Some 200 people participated in the event in person and 500 online through videoconferencing.

«The force of change is you, Let’s not let Piñera’s pollsters tell you who to vote for and hijack democracy. Together and together we can build change, to fight for a more just and prosperous country, “said ME-O.

The Unión Patriótica candidate chose the Plaza de Armas in downtown Santiago to carry out his last official activity in the presidential race before Sunday’s elections.

Between chants and shouts, Artés maintained: «This left-wing presidential campaign is showing that workers and the people have a future«.

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48 hours for the election: Check the campaign closings of each candidate for La Moneda