VMA’s 2021: Is it correct that Rosalía and Billie Eilish are nominated for the Latin category?

When Rosalia It was nominated in several categories of those 2019 VMAs, the world celebrated it in a big way. It was the first time that a Spanish artist was nominated for the most popular MTV awards, and if she took it, could make history in the Spanish music industry.

It arrived on August 27, 2019, and the most anticipated by its followers was fulfilled: it took home the MTV VMA for Best Choreography and Best Latin Theme for With Height. Nevertheless, not everyone agreed with it.

Since the announcement of their nominations, a large part of Latino users on networks complained that Rosalía was not Latina. The artist was born and raised in the municipality of San Cugat del Vallés (Catalonia), giving her an obvious Spanish identity. Now, two years later, the controversy has arisen again for his new nomination

If you opt for the astronaut in a song alongside J Balvin revolutionized a large part of public opinion, That now he does it with Billie Eilish has ended up setting off all the alarms. And the fact that Rosalía is Spanish must be added that her partner is American.

You will forget it, A Latin theme?

If you listen carefully You will forget it, nominated topic, There are hardly any details of Latin music that justify its presence in the future record. There goes one of the best reasons to defend your presence on the list, since With Height yes it was influenced by hints of classic reggaeton -and adorned with flamenco touches-. In addition, the presence of the Colombian Balvin in the matter ended up ending much of the reasons of his detractors.

In fact, beyond the rumba Millonària or flamenco tango I swear that, the Catalan has followed an obvious Latin inspiration in her most recent songs. Gone is the crazy combination of flamenco with the American trap of Travis scott that fell in love with the world in Badly, although this time he also leaves out the Latin influences to focus on the electronic dyes of Me x you, you x me or Hurt me that they do sound in Eilish’s song.

Black Eyed Peas, in the same situation

From this, a clear conclusion is reached: MTV collects in this category of VMAs songs sung in a Latin language, making the Spanish language cover all its variations. Thus no distinctions are made between Colombian Spanish from Maluma -also nominated in the same category- and Rosalía’s Castilian.

In this way, the case of the black Eyed Peas. The American group already opted for the award last year with MAMMY -your theme with Ozuna and J. Rey Soul– although they did not win. Now, they have the opportunity again for the second year in a row with Girl like me next to Shakira.

If the song is analyzed, it closely resembles the situation of You will forget it: the band that signs the subject is American, and most of its letter is in English. The presence of Shakira and her part in Spanish would be the reasons that justified her nomination, unless it is enough to keep in mind that Taboo, one of the BEP, is of Mexican descent.

Thus, it is very clear why the music network has nominated the Catalan again to these 2021 VMAs. The awards could nominate Latin artists in the category of yore, understood as artists who sing in Spanish -always ahead of the Latin roots of the idiom-, so singers from Puerto Rico, Colombia and even Spain would be within the same category. For this reason, the nomination of a Spanish and an American would be understood, taking into account also that the latter dares with a most valid Spanish in various parts of the song.

Rosalía’s opinion

Awards aside, Rosalía herself is very clear about her position in this regard. In an interview for The Fader He left his opinion with a forceful answer on this whole topic: “I am part of a movement, of a generation that is making music in Spanish. So, I don’t know, in that sense I prefer to let others decide if they include me in that, right?” Clear, concise and above all, With Height.

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VMA’s 2021: Is it correct that Rosalía and Billie Eilish are nominated for the Latin category?

Hank Gilbert