Today is World Dress Day

Of those who went down in history in the middle of a scandal like the one that Lady Di carried, the day that Prince Charles formally announced his engagement to Camila Parker, even the most eccentric as the one created with meat that Lady Gaga used on MTV , today tribute is paid to the dress, a garment that has evolved over time together with its protagonists.

And it is that the Greek designer Chrsitina Stambolian, never imagined that her creation would go down in history as part of one of the most famous love misunderstandings such as the one that Lady Di faced after her separation with the heir to the throne of the British Crown. That day the so-called Princess of the town decided to look radiant and daring with a pronounced neckline of a minidress that exposed her legs, breaking the dress protocols of the Royal House, as a symbol of a liberation and defining her path towards a new life. The princess decided to wear it at a party organized by VanityFair magazine.

But as a fashion icon, Lady Di did not cease to surprise with her good taste even on her wedding day, with that impressive wedding dress created by designer David Emmanuel, it was made of ivory silk, with a low neckline. peak, large ruffles and lantern sleeves, with a tail of more than seven meters long, which captivated the 700 million spectators who witnessed the wedding.

But in addition to these real life stories, there are dresses that have gone down in history as part of cinematography, as was the case in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s in which actress Audrey Hepburn wore a Givenchy created for the production.

The famous designer used black satin and opted for a cut-back neckline, long gloves and a pearl necklace. Due to its simplicity and elegance, it broke paradigms, in a conservative era revolutionizing the silhouette of women. Tiffany & Co jewelry complemented the luxurious outfit.

Among the list of creatives who have set trends around the world for decades, those who are also worthy of an important tribute stand out.

The dress is a basic piece in the wardrobe and can have all the power to seduce and even empower women.

“Those who have marked an era: Coco Chanel’s little Black Dress, creating an all-time classic. Another is Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dress integrating art into fashion. And finally, Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrapdress created for the woman who works and travels with little time to get ready, ”says Marco Corral, a Mexican fashion producer who recently coordinated Mexico’s international catwalk at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The expert says that, “the evolution has been so much in forms, lengths and necklines even in their materials. From the heavy dresses of the time of Marie Antoinette, to our days when some can be washed at home and travel with them without wrinkles. Today’s woman does not have so much time to invest in her arrangement and the dress makes her life easier ”.

Reliving the era of the 90s, the dress that Demi Moore wore in the film An Unseemly Proposal surprised an entire generation. On this occasion, the designer Thierry Mugler was the creator of the iconic black design with a characteristic neckline, which set the trend in those years.

But speaking of fashion in the history of cinema, we cannot go unnoticed the sensual white dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the film The Temptation Lives Upstairs. William Travilla was the designer responsible for this iconic piece, who, after the actress’s death, kept the dress in his collection, until his own death in 1990.

Excessive and controversial

On the red carpet at the 2000 Oscars, singer Björk was heavily criticized by international fashion experts and the general public for wearing a swan-shaped dress signed by designer Macedoni Marjan Pejoski. Björk pretended to lay an egg on the red carpet. The swan’s neck covered Björk’s with her head resting on his chest. She had two copies of the dress, since it could not be washed. She later used the dress for the cover of her 2001 studio album Vespertine and wore variations of it on many occasions during the Vespertine Tour.

But if it is about extravagances, it is Lady Gaga’s turn, who, as we know from her beginnings in the world of music, has stood out for her irreverence and alternative proposal when it comes to dressing.

At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010, the American singer wore a dress made with real beef, which is popularly known as the meat dress. Designed by Franc Fernández and styled by Niclae Formichetti, the dress was criticized by animal rights groups and named by Time magazine as a top fashion statement in 2010.

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Today is World Dress Day