The summary of the MTV Video Music Awards VMA’S 2019

And with this presentation the night of the VMAs 2019 ends

While the stage is burning


J Balvin and Bad Bunny released their joint album, OASIS, on June 28, 2019, which has eight songs: Mojaita, Yo le Llego, Cuidao por Ahí, Qué Pretendes, La Canción, Un Peso, Hate and Como un Baby.

J Balvin and Bad Bunny sing Qué Pretendes, from their album OASIS

The stage is still on. The Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima, has just uploaded to introduce J Balvin and Bad Bunny

Despite the fact that Billie could not go up for her award, due to being on tour in Russia, she left a video in which she thanked her fans for the award.

Best New Artist is for BILLIE EILISH !!!

Now will there be a kiss or not?

The award goes to … Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello for Señorita

The soccer star, Alex morgan, takes the stage to give the award for Best Collaboration.

It is worth mentioning that It’s the first time the Jonas Brothers win a VMA… There is no doubt that they came back with everything!

“This award is dedicated to our fans. When we didn’t believe in us as a band, you did. We love you.”said the Jonas Brothers upon receiving their award.

Ready? The VMA Best Pop goes to: JONAS BROTHERS !!!!!!!!

We continue with the awards ceremony … The Best Pop award goes to …

Rosalía ended her presentation with the song Aute Cuture, the question is, why is he still not singing Con Altura?

How much sensuality of Rosalía! Ozuna already accompanies her on stage

The time for LA ROSALÍA has arrived

The VMA for Song of the Year goes to … Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus by Old Town Road

The award comes to the Song of the Year

So it is Slide Away …

Do you know which Miley song this letter is from? Once upon a time, it was paradise Once upon a time, I was paralyzed

Now yes… Miley to the stage!

Miley Cyrus has already appeared backstage, so she’s close to hitting the stage!

“It is an award given by the fans, so I want to thank them. You want a world where we are all equal. This video is a request for us to act for equality and fairness because we are all equal before the law,” says Taylor upon receiving your award.

Taylor Swift is home to another award! He took the Best Video of the Year from the Jonas Brothers, 21 Savage ft. J. Cole, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus.

But hey, let’s get on with the prizes. Video of the year goes to …

It is worth mentioning that Joe Jonas also wanted to kiss …

There was no kiss, but after they turned on the stage they did. His presentation was not suitable for cardiac patients


The kiss is near …

It is so hot! Camila and Shawn stare at each other again

The chemistry between Camila and Shawn is unquestionable … WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO KISS … THEY WALKED AWAY, WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US?


Together for the first time on television, it is finally time for Shawn and Camila to sing MISS

People shout… MISSY, MISSY, MISSY, MISSY, MISSY, MISSY, MISSY, as she says upon receiving her award, “I promise not to cry.”

Cardi B recognizes the great MISSY ELLIOTT. APPLAUSE!

“Even the former first lady, Michelle Obama knows Missy’s songs,” says Cardi

“No one deserves to win the Vanguardia award more than Missy,” says Cardy B

Cardi B takes the stage again and asks for applause for the spectacular performance of Missy Elliott

The VMA in VIDEO FOR GOOD is taken by Taylor Swift for You Need to Calm Down, the first award of the night for the 29-year-old singer.

We continue with the awards …

Lil Nas X’s visual effects and footsteps will be hard to beat


The Jonas Brothers broke it, but it’s time for Lil Nas X to do his thing

The Only Human video transported us back to the 80s, have you seen it yet?

Sucker is not the only song they perform … the first notes of ONLY HUMAN are already beginning

The brothers decided to sing the song with which they are nominated and with which they returned as a group. His YouTube video has 199,081,260 views

I’m a sucker for you !!!!!!!!!

Jonas Brothers fan? If you are, you can scream because the Jonas Brothers have already come out !!!

What a way to sing for Lizzo!

J Balvin took advantage of his moment to ask for help for the Amazon jungle

I am very proud to be Latino. I am part of the Latino gang, there are several of us here. Thank you! Says J Balvin

And, the award for Best Latin Video goes to ROSALÍA YJ BALVIN

Shawn leaves the stage, apparently they will make us wait for his presentation with Camila … PATIENCE


But calm down everyone, Camila hasn’t come out yet … For now it’s just Shawn and his guitar on stage.

Bebe Rexha takes the stage to introduce … Shawn Mendes with If I Can’t Have You !!!!

In a few moments the sexiest couple of the moment will take the stage … Of course we talk about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, who will interpret ‘Señorita’.

“Thank you all very much because otherwise my videos would not be what they are!”said an excited Cardi B.

CARDI B !!! by Money

And, the Best Hip Hop Video is for …

Ladies and gentlemen, with you Sebastian Manislaco, the host of the night.

Let’s sing … Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever? And ah, take me out, and take me home You’re my, my, my, my lover …

What a way to start the night! Now Taylor Swift takes her guitar and plays Lover. It is worth mentioning that the video for this song came out 4 days ago on YpuTube and already has more than 23 million views.

Who will win the Video of the Year award? 21 Savage, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas X or Taylor Swift?

Although Bts They are the great absentees of the night, you have to celebrate because the South Korean boy band just took the award in the Best K-Pop category. Congratulations!

Tonight artists such as the Jonas Brothers, J Balvin, Rosalía, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are nominated, to highlight a few. It is also worth mentioning that they will go on stage to sing.

Did you know … Sebastian Maniscalco will be in charge of conducting tonight’s ceremony

Billie Eilish takes the award from ‘Push of the year’

The list of nominees is tops Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, Who they have 10 nominations each. Do you know all the nominees of the night? If not yet, here we leave you the complete list.

Social networks go crazy with the arrival of Shawn … And how not to do it …

Welcome to the preview and minute by minute of the MTV Video Music Awards 2019, a musical event that honors the best artists in the industry, and will be held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey this Monday, August 26.

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The summary of the MTV Video Music Awards VMA’S 2019

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