The five most iconic dresses in history

The dress is a garment that never goes out of style and is a great ally for all occasions from daily use as well as for a special day.

But what must a dress have to become iconic? To answer this question, let’s take a trip back in time to the most controversial garments in history.

1. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress

We cannot fail to mention the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore, in 1955, in the movie “Temptation lives upstairs”, the scene in which Marilyn is in the subway, standing on top of a grate in New York City, when a gust of air coming out of it lifts her dress.

The dress was designed by Troy Miller, it is composed of a halter neck, deep neckline, rayon and acetate fabric, but without Marilyn’s hourglass figure the look would not have been the same. The scene was very controversial, since at that time it could seem exhibitionistic and somewhat inappropriate for filming.

2. Diana of Wales’s Revenge Dress

This black silk dress, with dropped shoulders, a fairly deep sweetheart neckline, draped and adjusted to its silhouette has an interesting history and it is that in 1994, in the United Kingdom, when Princess Diana separated from Prince Charles, shortly after After him publicly admitting to cheating on her, she has an event where her Valentino-designed outfit was leaked by the press, so she decided to wear this Christina Stambolian-designed dress.

Diana found it too daring, but after their breakup it seems that the princess changed her mind, which is why it was nicknamed “the dress of revenge.”

3. Elizabeth Hurley’s dress, That Dress

A long black dress, woven of lycra and silk, with oversized gold safety pins located in the openings of the dress, used by Elizabeth Hurley in the presentation of the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, in which her boyfriend, Hugh Grant, I act.

The garment, designed by Gianni Versace and classified for the time “too sensual and modern”, has a rather deep neckline and two straps on each shoulder that hold the dress to the body.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence have used different versions of That dDess.

4. Jennifer López’s green Jungle Print dress

We cannot fail to mention the sexy dress that Jennifer López wore at the 2000 Grammy Awards, designed by Donatella Versace, silk chiffon fabric, in the shape of a robe and that falls to the feet, has a kind of brooch under the Navel that ends with the neckline and closes the bottom of the dress, in addition to the popular jungle print.

5. Lady Gaga’s meat dress

Finally, one of the best-known dresses in history was the one worn by singer Lady Gaga for the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards.

Focused on the night, she decided to bring raw beef as a dress, shoes, hat, and bag. The outfit created a lot of controversy, on the one hand, animal rights activists condemned it and on the other, Time magazine classified it as the main fashion statement of 2010.

If you noticed, all these garments had something in common and that is that they were worn by famous people. Also, if you notice the black color It has always prevailed in all times, it is elegant and simple at the same time.

Lastly what create controversy, that it is very short, sensual or that it is not even “well seen” by society is the common norm to become iconic.

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The five most iconic dresses in history