Rosalía is nominated again as ‘Best Latin Artist’ being Spanish: why?

The MTV EMAs Awards will once again be held with audiences in the stands and artists on stage, performing live and handing out awards. The László Papp stadium in Budapest will host the gala next November 14th.

This Wednesday the nominees for the awards were announced, where Justin Bieber starts as a favorite with eight nominations. Doja cat and Lil nas they follow closely with six and Ed Sheeran, Olivia Rodrigo and The Kid Laroi compete for five.

Rosalía has received a nomination for Best Latin Artist, a recognition that comes after breaking into global music four years ago with the release of ‘El Mal Querer’. Since then, he has not stopped reaping successes and starring in collaborations with artists such as Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny and Ozuna.

Without going further, With Height was the Most viewed video on YouTube of 2019 and that same year he took the MTV Video Music Award to Best Video this topic. It was the first Spanish to get it, and at that time the first doubts about the differences between Latino and Hispanic already arose. Now, history repeats itself.

Rosalía wins the MTV for ‘Best Latin Video’ and ‘Best Choreography’ // EFE

With this nomination comes the debate on social networks, where the first critical voices have already appeared. Why is Rosalía in the ‘Latin’ category if there is one expressly for ‘Spanish’ artists?What is the organization’s criteria? Is Rosalía Latina or not?

Is Rosalía Latina?


If we look in the RAE for the definition of ‘Latino’ we find that it is about ‘the people or peoples who speak languages ​​derived from Latin‘. According to this, if we are strictly purists, Rosalía could be considered Latin – since Spanish is a Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin – but there is a inexorable cultural connotation that eliminates Catalan from the meaning ‘Latin’.

The term ‘Latino’ has acquired, with time and sociocultural changes, a new meaning, especially for the American community. Immigration and the exodus of millions of people from Latin America to the United States during the last decades has caused the term to mutate its concept to indicate only those who have Latin American origin, excluding all those who, although they speak languages ​​derived from Latin, were not born in the South American continent.

Rosalía, during her performance at the MTV EMAs in Seville title =

Rosalía, during her performance at the MTV EMAs in Seville // MTV EMAs

What is being ‘Hispanic’

The term ‘Hispanic’ currently refers to people from Spain that are communicated through that culture. But the term was born in the 70s in the US Census Bureau, when this classification was created to group all the people who They came from countries where Spanish was spoken. Not only were Spaniards Hispanic, so were Mexicans, Cubans, and so on.

Thus, there came a time when the term Hispanic acquired a negative connotation and the tables turned again. As Professor Ed Morales told Verne a few years ago, the word began to be associated with the conquestSo the activists “began to use the word Latino to refer to someone from Latin America.” In this way they distinguished between Latinos (from Latin America) and Hispanics (Spanish).

Rosalía is Hispanic and European, but for MTV she is Latina

Although the organization of the MTV awards places the singer in the category of ‘Latina’, the music industry is the only one that makes this classification. From the entity they have not given explanations of why they have not included the artist in the category of ‘Spanish people’ (where Aitana, C. Tangana or Ana Mena), but the public is quite clear: Rosalía is not a Latina but it is not her fault that they put her in that bag either.

“The American music industry is guilty in these definitions because has reduced Latin to singing in Spanish, but the Latino community in the United States speaks English, Portuguese, Quechua and Spanglish, for example ” explained to Verne Arlene Dávila, an anthropologist at New York University. David Bisbal and Enrique Iglesias they are also “Latino” artists colloquially speaking, because they are successful in the United States singing in Spanish.

The Catalan competes for the MTV European Music Award to Best Latin Artist with Colombians J Balvin, Shakira and Maluma and Puerto Ricans Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro.

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Rosalía is nominated again as ‘Best Latin Artist’ being Spanish: why?

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