Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, the figures that support their irresistible international success

It had not even been necessary to see them hand in hand for them to become the couple of the moment, but now, in addition, they pose together and boast of happiness. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro gave their many fans what they had been waiting for so much, the image and the kiss. It happened on the red carpet of the Los40 Music Awards gala held on November 15. His appearance captured all eyes and has not stopped talking about it since then. In fact, Vanitatis has offered the exclusive photos of its next step, which has been none other than traveling together to Barcelona, ​​where the singer was born and where her entire family lives. Their relationship is going from strength to strength and they are a successful couple, there is no doubt, but are the numbers accompanying them?

If the rise to the stars has been incredible in Rosalía’s case, her boyfriend is not far behind. In 2016 no one knew the young Catalan woman, in 2017 her first album, ‘Los Ángeles’, was released, which was much more successful than she expected, but the boom came the following year, when before launching’ El mal quer ‘was already advertised in Times Square. Her second album led her to win nothing less than five Latin Grammy Awards, thus being the Spanish most awarded for a single work. He also achieved two MTV Video Music and became the most listened to singer on Spotify worldwide, a success that very few have enjoyed today.

Rosalía and a camouflaged Rauw Alejandro, at the Barcelona airport. (Gtres)

All this happened only three years ago, since then, although with a slower pace, the Catalan has not stopped. And before the overwhelming success, which obviously was adding zeros to his checking account, his family took sides, specifically his mother. He was in charge of Motomami SL, company created in January 2019 to manage the singer’s career and “activities related to the representation of talents of individuals or groups, the negotiation of agreements and administration of the interests of artists, etc.”, as recorded in the Registry Trade. By the hand of Pilar TobellaIn just two years, the company has appeared in the magazine ‘Forbes’, which considers Rosalía “a safe value”, and is that In 2020 it declared 4.8 million euros with a net profit of 370,500. They have nine employees in total, three of them permanent and six temporary.

These figures seem astronomical, but if we take into account that Rosalía, in addition to acting, has become a great advertising claim that the most recognized brands want to work with, everything seems to fit. And it is that the Catalan has been the image of Mac or Nike, and has taken your own collection with Pull & Bear, of the Inditex group, among many other collaborations. His Instagram account with almost 18 million followers has become the perfect showcase.

The figures of her boyfriend

His couple, Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, is not far behind. Since it premiered ‘Todo de ti’ and this summer it became the most listened to song on Spotify in Spain with more than three hundred thousand reproductions, having achieved six platinum records in the United States, four in Spain and gold records in Argentina and Mexico , his name has not stopped ringing. And, although the dream for which he left for the United States at 20 was to become a soccer star, in the end he has had no choice but to surrender to music, which is what his parents, chorus mother and guitarist father, they were always dedicated.

In some of his first interviews in our country, he commented that He would be very excited to collaborate with Rosalía, with whom he finally worked on ‘Aphrodisiac’ in 2020 and now shares much more than a friendship. But, without a doubt, his most famous ‘duet’ has been the one starring with Jennifer Lopez, ‘Cambia el paso’, in May of this year. Success that brought him great benefits and a significant increase in followers, which currently number more than 11 million.

Raw Alejandro, in 2019 in Mexico. (EFE / José Méndez)

In fact, there is already talk of him, and of other artists with whom he has also worked as J Balvin or Bad bunny as the generation that has taken Spanish to the top of the international charts. Among them you can count C Tangana, who, however, has been more successful within our borders than outside them. As representative data; his number of followers on social networks is significantly lower than that of Rauw, although he is followed by the not inconsiderable figure of almost a million and a half people.

No doubt, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are the living image of success, Their innovative music and the mergers between genres have made them rise, in record time, to the artists’ podium, and the figures are only a reflection of this. They are all the rage wherever they step, and if separately they could already boast of having reached the top, together they are an infallible tandem.

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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, the figures that support their irresistible international success