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We are very clear that the greatest presence of rock in the most important awards of current music occurred during the eighties, nineties and until the beginning of 2000, when we had Guns N ‘Roses going on the red carpets, Metallica interpreting Enter Sandman live, Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson presenting some awards.

Despite the fact that times have changed and rock is no longer given the relevance and attention that it used to enjoy, the producers of musical events are not completely forgotten, much less the fans of it. . Totally different from this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards tried to establish rock in whatever spaces they could. And this greater preference for the genre is understood due to its geographical location, since it must be remembered that these awards were given in Budapest and London.

These were the moments linked to rock at the MTV EMA’s Awards 2020:

The ceremony

The female pop group Little Mix were chosen as the host of this year. However, Jesy Nelson, one of the members, was not present at the award ceremony or at the presentation of her new hit “Sweet Melody”.

Many may know who Doja Cat is from her famous TikTok dominating single “Say So”. Even though he has been performing the same song for his last two performance In awards, this time he really reinvented himself by adapting the original song – which has dance, disco and pop rhythms – in the style of rock, even with his own characterized band.

Coming out of a television and reminding us of the horror movie “The Ring”, Doja Cat surprised all her fans dressed as a bride and totally changing the rhythm of her song, giving it that dark and strong vibe that is opposed to the original melody. Definitely, we know the quality of artistic presence that this rapper has, but the fact that she has used the channel of a genre that in the middle of 2020 is considered dead, gave us a lot to talk about, in addition to comparing it with what Miley Cyrus is doing in its new era.

In this ceremony they deigned to present the award for “Best Rock Artist”, a part that is usually omitted in the ceremonies. Leaving aside Green Day, Liam Gallagher, Pearl Jam, Tame Impala and The Killers, Coldplay once again won an MTV award -remember that he won the same category at this year’s VMAs- and it was Chris Martin who thanked for him in a video from a distance. Likewise, they also thanked through their Instagram and Twitter accounts for the support of their fans.

“Thank you to each and every one of those who voted here. Once again, they have proven to be the best. Thank you for letting us ride your wave. Love”.

Then, they presented the winner of “Best Push Artist”, an award won by an artist who is becoming more and more popular not only for his punk and emo style that reminds us of My Chemical Romance in the 2000s, but also gives a message to his fans to embrace his “weirdness”, be as crazy as they want him to, and not be ashamed of his style. These words did not escape his speech when he received the award of the night.

«WE won a fucking EMA !!! This is about us, it always has been, it always will be. at every opportunity we make noise and show people that we exist !!! I love you all with every part of me. Many thanks to each of you who voted every day. I wish I was with all of you to celebrate. early. rock n roll is not dead … it’s very much alive and ready to destroy the fucking house! “, were the additional words of the artist for his musical recognition.

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«I don’t make music for awards. Receiving an award that has been voted on by the public is the best of all. I think the last time I accepted an EMA was 10 years ago with Paramore. So continuing to do what I do, having the support of the people I literally grew up with, makes me feel good. And there are not many things that make me feel good in 2020. […] I love making art with my friends and I wouldn’t want to be in the world without it. Thank you Paramore fans. Paramore forever.

This is how Hayley Williams received the award for “Best Alternative Artist”, who this year decided to work on her solo album entitled “Petals For Armor”. The singer acknowledges all the influence that Paramore had on her career and remembers it quite fondly.

Rock in times of EMA’s

The highlight of the night was definitely the tribute they paid to Eddie Van Halen due to his death earlier this year. Rock exponents such as St. Vincent, Tom Morello and Taylor Hawkins expressed their words about the influence that the guitarist had on their careers, and on the genre in general.

“Eddie Van Halen is one of those musicians who comes once a century if you’re lucky. His tremendous redefinition of the instrument, his smile, his incredible ability to improvise, compose, his talent, were totally revolutionary. It changed the way the world viewed the guitar. Eddie Van Halen you are the destructive father. You are the inspiration to the destroyers of the world and we will miss you with all our souls. Eddie, I hope you’re rocking heaven, I’m going to miss you. You are an innovative genius and one of the greatest musicians ever. His albums are one of those albums that are enjoyed forever and that are very relevant. Turn up the volume on Van Halen forever, “were the words recited in his tribute, along with a series of his main hits such as Hot For Teacher, Jump, Panama and You Really Got Me.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl made headlines in the way we least expected at the MTV EMA’s. And it is that this year he did not have to interpret a song with his band, but he was the presenter of one of the last performances of the night, the one that corresponded to Yungblud. In addition to recognizing the work of the new artist, his cover From “Times Like These,” the group’s frontman declared that he is “the reason you think rock isn’t dead.” A compliment that not even Yungblud himself could believe, responding that Grohl is the reason he chose the guitar.

Like an angel, dressed in a skirt and white T-shirt, YUNGBLUD came down from the sky moving from side to side performing her latest single “Cotton Candy”, showing her sweeter side and belonging to an E-Girl fashion. Suddenly, at the end of the song, he jumped to the ground to the rhythm of his other single “Strawberry Lipstick” contrasting everything sweet with his aggressive and wild side of punk. Throwing and breaking the guitars, like a true rockstar with his band, he said goodbye by giving a kiss to the camera.

Although rock and alternative music did not dominate every moment of the ceremony, it was noticed much more than on other occasions taking into account the current context. Hopefully this initiative continues, continues to grow and what to talk about as this time.

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Rock present at the MTV EMA’s Awards 2020 | Rock Garage

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