Pabllo Vittar: Pop and funk full of pride and identity that conquered the industry

In these times that we are living in, diversity is something that can be seen more and more all over the world. Of course, the music industry is not far behind, as a slew of talented artists have appeared in recent years who proudly represent the LGBTQ + community. However, in Latin America they are not far behind and specifically in Brazil, since they have one of the most exciting acts of today, Pabllo vittar.

At just 26 years old, he has become one of the biggest stars in his country who, in addition to filling any forum in which he appears, has also had the chance to step on important stages such as Coachella and has even collaborated with artists the size of Major Lazer, Sofi Tukker and Charli XCX. A true example to follow that with effort, dedication, a great proposal and a lot of talent, he achieved a solid career.

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Who is Pabllo Vittar?

Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva –As it is actually called– was born on November 1, 1994 in São Luís, Maranhão, in Brazil. From an early age he showed that he liked music and thanks to the influence of his mother, who put all the artists he liked. However, before becoming a star in her country, she did not take her first steps in art as a singer, since she began taking classical ballet classes during her childhood.

After passing through various cities with his family, Pabllo returned to Maranhão to stay in the city of Caxias. In their teens began singing at parties and in the choir of a Presbyterian Church, although he also had the chance to act in Pop, a local television show where he sang covers of other artists. But that was not what he wanted for his future, which is why he decided to move to Sao Paulo at the age of 16.

Pabllo Vittar: Pop and funk full of pride and identity that conquered the world

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A somewhat complicated start

In that city, one of the most important in Brazil, Pabllo Vittar he was looking to officially start his artistic career. However, the reality is that it did not go as well as he expected, since for a time he had to work in fast food places, beauty salons and others to survive and continue with his dream. At that same time, he officially assumed his homosexuality and from then on, his life completely changed for the better.

Although on a personal level she felt very happy, on a professional level things were not going as expected. After his adventure in Sao Paulo, Pabllo returned with his family to Minas Gerais and there, he passed the entrance exam for the Interior Design career at the Federal University of Uberlândia, which He discarded after the class schedules collided with those he was given to appear in various entertainment venues.

Pabllo Vittar: Pop and funk full of pride and identity that conquered the world

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The person who completely changed his artistic vision

For 2011, Pabllo Vittar started posting covers on his personal YouTube channel but against all odds something came into his life that gave a total turn to his musical proposal: Ru Paul’s Drag Race. According to what she has commented in various interviews, one of her boyfriends introduced her to the program and after that, she decided she wanted to do something like that, that is why she began to watch tutorials on the internet to learn how to put on makeup.

Before officially launching as a singer, Pabllo participated in different beauty contests, where he managed to captivate the public with his presence. Of course, he also learned to dominate the stage, singing at the parties of the university he entered, although the most important step for the project he currently has was act professionally like drag queen and singer in various nightclubs in Belgrano.

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The boom of “Open Bar”

He was like this for four years, between bars and presentations in forums where they gave him the chance to sing. But in 2015 lPabllo Vittar’s career changed completely when, at the suggestion of Rodrigo Gorky – a member of the Brazilian electropop group, Bonde do Rolê – recorded the song “Open Bar”. Actually, this was a somewhat loose cover of “Lean On”, Major Lazer’s mega milestone that to his surprise, he also broke it in Brazil.

To give you an idea in just four months, reached a whopping 1 million views on YouTube, a truly historic milestone for Pabllo and the internet. In December 2015, he released his first EP Open bar. In addition to the song that gives this material its title, it had four other songs that are also Portuguese versions of famous songs by great artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna.

With the exception of “Open Bar” – which as a curious fact, had the authorization of the very Diplo-, the other songs on the EP and music videos were removed from digital platforms due to copyright. However, this did not discourage Pabllo Vittar, as Thanks to the success of this short-lived album, he began his first series of shows throughout Brazil., a tour that lasted until 2016 and with which he reached the corners of his country.

A debut album that was hugely successful

By the end of 2016, Pabllo Vittar started planning everything to release his debut album until finally in January 2017 the album was released, Vai Passar Mal. The sound of this album is extremely diverse, as it has elements of pop, electronic, and quite popular Brazilian genres such as tecnomelody, arrocha, and carioca funk. For this combination of rhythms, he received a lot of praise from the specialized critics.

From this record material came several singles that sounded harsh on Brazilian radio, such as “Nêga” and “All Day “, song that even led Vittar to play at the Bahia Carnival. From here on, his career was constantly on the rise, because with the power of his songs and what they represent especially for the LGBTQ + community, he managed to go on tour once again with practically sold out dates in every place where he performed.

The beginning of great collaborations for Pablo Vittar

In 2017, Pabllo Vittar also started working with other artists as Lia Clark. However, he reached another level with “Sua Cara”, a song where he shared voices with Anitta and was released as the second single from the EP Know No Better from Major Lazer. In August of that same year, Vittar signed a two-album deal with the Sony Music label, although this was only the beginning of the great things that were on the way.

For the 2017 edition, Pabllo was part of the Rock in Rio festival lineup, where in addition to acting on his own account, he was also part of the show Fergie on the main stage. As if collaborating live with the former Black Eyed Peas member wasn’t enough, Vittar worked with the British singer Charli xcx in the song “I Got It”, where artists like Brooke Candy and CupcakKe also participated.

Other quite interesting projects

For 2018 and in collaboration with Apple Music, Pabllo Vittar released a documentary about his life and career from which an EP was released with totally new songs. In that year he also premiered his own program Through a streaming platform where in addition to having musical performances, he also did interesting interviews. The show was a great success and it even earned him a nomination for a couple of major awards in Brazil.

Around that time, he also worked with more internationally recognized artists, such as Sofi tukker with whom I release the song “Energía (Part 2)”. In October 2018, Pabllo released his second record material, Não Para Não, an album in which he continues with the same sound with which he debuted but now has a better production and a much clearer vision of what he wanted to express through that collection of songs.

Playing all over the world, even at Coachella

To promote this studio album, Pabllo Vittar launched on his first world tour, where in addition to passing through Mexico, he had several concerts in the United Kingdom and Europe. In June 2019, he started his fourth NPN Pride Tour, an extension of the Não Para Não Tour, with dates at LGBT pride parades in the United States and Canada. Although his hand was low, he had other spectacular projects on his hands.

That’s why months premiered “Highlight”, the title track of the Netflix animated series, Super drag, where Vittar lent his voice to the character of Goldiva. However, on April 13 and 14 he had one of the best moments of his career to date, as he was among the guests at the Major Lazer and Sofi Tukker shows, respectively, in Coachella. That’s right, he stepped on one of the most important stages in the world.

From playing for Queen Elizabeth II to releasing her third album

In June of that same year, Pabllo Vittar performed at the party in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II from the United Kingdom at the United Nations headquarters in New York, whose theme in that edition was “equality and inclusion” in commemoration of LGBT pride month and in memory of the Stonewall Rebellion, a very important event that changed many things for the community. Something that not just any artist has achieved.

As if that was not enough, in 2019 Vittar began to receive worldwide recognition, as he was among the nominees for the MTV EMA. Finally in March 2020 his third album was released, 111. In this studio album he included a lot of guests, including the participation of Charli xcx on the song “Flash Pose” and even Thalia appeared to sing with Pablo the song “Shy.”

Although the pandemic halted the plans of the entire music industry, it failed with what Pabllo Vittar had in mind. That is why against all odds in June 2021 he released his fourth album, Batidão Tropical, which he plans to promote all over the planet and even already has several dates prepared –among them at the Corona Capital– where he will surely make those who see his show live and in full color dance and sing.

What makes Pabllo Vittar special?

Definitely, Pabllo Vittar is one of the most exciting acts today, an artist in every sense of the word who sings, dances and puts on a show on stage. But perhaps the most incredible thing he has to share with us – in addition to the songs he has that become hits – is the fact of being proud of who we are and shouting to the world that we are happy with it. Something very necessary right now.

As for music, what he shows in his project is very interesting. Although almost all his songs are based on the pop, it has a very interesting mix of sounds ranging from a lot of music elements electronic to traditional Brazilian genres combined with modern rhythms like tecnomelody, arrocha, carioca funk and forró. If you want variety, with Pabllo you will have more than enough.

As if this were not enough, his songs also touch on themes that we need to listen to in these times such as love, self-esteem and music. After reading this and in case it was very clear, we highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to see Pabllo Vittar live, you cannot pass it up because in addition to the fact that they will enjoy a great show in every sense of the word, they will appreciate one of the most important proposals in the music industry.

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Pabllo Vittar: Pop and funk full of pride and identity that conquered the industry

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