MTV VMA 2021 audience plummets despite big name performances –

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The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) could not prevent the consecutive-year audience decline that most awards have suffered as of late, as the ceremony’s television viewership plummeted to another all-time low last Sunday, according to recently. . published data.

Last year’s MTV Video Music Awards drew 1.315 million viewers on MTV itself, as well as 6.4 million television viewers on each of the ViacomCBS stations (Paramount Network and Comedy Central among them) that also broadcast the event. live. (Within the latter total, CW viewers reportedly numbered about 860,000.) The low all-time numbers reflected drops in material viewership from the 2019 VMA 1.93 million viewers on MTV and the 6.8 million viewers across all ViacomCBS simulcast stations.

Now, however, newly released Nielsen viewership figures have revealed that the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards garnered a smaller audience than the 2020 edition, with a CW audience dropping to 606,000, per ProgrammingInsider, along with a rating of .2 (.9 on MTV itself) in the coveted 18-49-year-old demographic.

As a pertinent comment, the 2021 VMA ceremony was the second to air on the CW, and the 2020 VMA was the first. It’s also worth mentioning that the 2021 VMAs, despite the widespread decline in ratings for awards shows, were timed out, according to Ad Age (the corresponding report is available to paid subscribers only).

Additionally, the 2021 MTV VMA broadcast drew roughly 900,000 viewers on MTV proper, according to ShowBiz411, nearly a third less than in 2020, and viewers on other ViacomCBS networks brought the total to about three million, according to the same source.

Needless to say, the return of an in-person audience and performances by commercially successful acts like Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, and Machine Gun Kelly, along with a shocking red carpet fight involving the latter, did not they were enough to help the show turn back the clock, in terms of ratings. For reference, the 2015 MTV VMAs drew five million MTV viewers and nearly 10 million viewers overall, up from 11.4 million MTV viewers in 2010.

However, several of the aforementioned 2021 VMA performances appear to post strong viewership figures on YouTube and social media, with ViacomCBS claiming that the event’s “total minutes consumed” improved from 1.29 billion in 2020 to 1 , 4 billion.

It’s unclear what exactly general audience-related trends mean for the long-term viability of awards show broadcasts, with recent editions of the Billboard Music Awards, Grammys, and BET Awards alike having sustained double-digit years. after year. year the audience decreases. The trend, far from being limited to the music industry, is more evident in terms of audience for visual media awards shows, possibly because the corresponding ceremonies do not benefit from live performances.

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MTV VMA 2021 audience plummets despite big name performances –

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