His song with Nicki Nicole, the unexpected passage through Hungary and the desire to sing in Argentina: the sensations of the German Mexican musician

Alemán, the Mexican musician who conquered Hungary at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Erick Raúl Alemán Ramírez, Popularly known only by his first surname, he left the twenty degrees and the sun of Mexico City to venture to the cold of Hungary. The two degrees and the mist did not stop him, after all for him, being ten thousand kilometers from home, in Budapest, it is a dream. The singer, who has just released his new album Huracán whose bonus is a song with Argentina Nicki Nicole, talked with Teleshow about her experience the baptized “Perla del Danubio”, his desire to play in Argentina and the happiness of having raised the statuette for Best Artist in the North.

“I come from far away and receive an award, which makes me twice as happy”, he said on the red carpet of the MTV Europe Music Awards that were held at the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, the Mexican who reaps more than three million followers on Instagram, a number that almost doubles in YouTube subscribers.

Akasha and Alemán on the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards held in Budapest
Akasha and Alemán on the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards held in Budapest

Fascinated with the place, but also happy to speak with a medium in Spanish (Hungarian is spoken in very few regions of Eastern Europe and is difficult to understand and a Latin American and a Hungarian speaking in English are not always the most common language combination. fluids), Alemán confessed that just minutes before arriving at the awards ceremony he had told his work team that “It never” crossed his mind to go to Budapest: “Coming here, receiving an award, being at the EMAs, it’s a dream come true.”

“MTV was always a part of my childhood and youth. There was no other, if you wanted hip hop videos which is my thing, you had to enter the station. Then social networks were a boom for us and Instagram took me to another level, the same YouTube, but it is important that platforms like this do these events “, said.

Another climate, another language and another currency – shops do not accept dollars, some do not accept Euros but they do accept HUF Florins – Erick made the most of the few hours he was there: he toured Andrássy Utica, one of the main streets where luxury businesses are combined with vestiges of the Soviet occupation that invaded the country until 1991 and posed since the Buda Castle, in the old part of the city, with a spectacular background view of Pest, on the other side of the Danube.

He even shared several photos on the networks, without a chinstrap, because although the pandemic has not yet passed, The use of face masks is not mandatory, although a health pass is required to enter shows, discos or the classic ruin bars, bars made in the old houses where Jews lived during the Nazi occupation.

But at 11,925 kilometers, the Argentine public awaits him. And for them, a surprise: on Friday he released Huracán, his latest album whose bonus truck is the song “Grilz” that he made in collaboration with Nicki Nicole: “The song is going to appear on the album but it will not be available until the video is released, it is like a cherry on the cake.”

German and Nicki Nicole
German and Nicki Nicole

They did the song before the pandemic began, with the expectation of releasing it in conjunction with the album. Due to the quarantine the work was delayed, but is now available. Now the fans of Alemán and Nicki Nicole await the premiere of the video clip so that the song can begin to be released.

The artists had already announced a while ago that they would do a collaboration, but nothing was known about it. Even a month ago when asked on her social networks about whether she would do a song with Alemán, she joked: “Yes, we already have a song, but we have to take it out. It’s very good … it’s so good that I’m going to filter it ”.

Alemán had an armed tour that Buenos Aires planned when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world last year. “I was going to go to Argentina, it is the third country where they listen to me the most, it had to be postponed, I will surely return. The last time I was there was in the Buenos Aires Trap. Now the album is coming out and in 2022 on a pure tour and I want to visit them “, he said and euphoric with his statuette, he closed:” Greetings to all the people there! “.


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His song with Nicki Nicole, the unexpected passage through Hungary and the desire to sing in Argentina: the sensations of the German Mexican musician