Abril Zamora: her partner and the series in which we have seen this actress and trans activist


The actress does not stop chaining great projects, but in her personal life there is also room for triumphs. Discover the most personal side of April Zamora.

Although her face has started to become popular relatively recently, Abril Zamora has been a multidisciplinary artist for years. He works as actress, screenwriter, director and has published several books of the universe Elite, series where he has also worked as a scriptwriter. He was born in Barcelona in 1981, he is 39 years old.

She is one of the most important creators of the moment. Hers is Ladies of (h) AMPA and there are many series in which we have seen it, although many times with small roles. Los Serrano, Paco’s Men, Hospital Central and The one that looms are some examples.

His most important role came thanks to Luna, a character from the series Vis a Vis that helped him win the award to Breakout Actress of the Union of Actors and Actresses.

On Netflix we have seen it in The mess you leave, another of the fictions that have marked a before and after in his career. “It is the first role in which he does not put trans anywhereCarlos Montero (the creator) called me because he wanted to, “he said in an interview on yu, Don’t miss anything.

With Sophia loren has starred in the movie ‘Life ahead’, available on Netflix, something that was a real challenge for her, since I did not know Italian and the shooting was in this language. “You have to put a nose to life, the director and my repress insisted … And you can,” he said. “At the end of the day we are actors, we have to lie and cheat. “

Director Edoardo Ponti, on the set of filming ‘Life ahead’ with Abril Zamora and Sophia Loren // NETFLIX

LGTBIQ + reference

With her life testimony, Abril Zamora has become, without looking for it, a benchmark for the transsexual collective. Despite how difficult it can be to find work in such a demanding industry, the actress has never given up. “I would like an actor or actress to be called up for any role, regardless of whether it is trans or not. Just because you think I can play the character,” he told El Español.

“I was Abel and now I am April. Erase the past? Not at all. Of what I was, I am the woman who now talks to you, “she told journalist Rosana Lakunza for the newspaper Deia.

At 39 years old, Abril does not deny who she is but I wish I didn’t have to give so many explanations, just as Carlos Montero did not give them when he called her to play the role of high school teacher in The Mess You Leave. “What Carlos Montero has done is skip several chapters. You have jumped too high, but unfortunately that does not happen normally. I know that we are on the right track, and that more and more will happen, and that gives me hope, but when a trans actress is given a character in a series, it is because she puts a point that this character is trans, “he added in The Spanish.

His couple

Although she does not usually give details of her private life, Abril maintains a sentimental relationship with the artist Jose Real Art, with whom he has shared romantic images on his Instagram account.

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Abril Zamora: her partner and the series in which we have seen this actress and trans activist

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