Zoe Gotusso goes out of her element and reaches the Latin Grammy

Zoe Gotusso stepped out of her comfort zone by leaving a rising duo in Argentina to continue as a solo artist in what she calls the most difficult time of her life. Her instincts, however, led her to one of her greatest joys.

Gotusso received two Latin Grammy nominations for his debut album, “Mi primer día triste,” including in the coveted category of best new artist and best pop-rock song for his hit “Ganas.”

“I put ‘My first sad day’ to that moment of changes where I not only moved (from Córdoba) to Buenos Aires, but also left the band that was working,” said the 24-year-old singer-songwriter in a recent interview on Video call from Bogotá, where he was on a short tour of Spain, Colombia and Mexico, before arriving in Las Vegas next week for the awards gala.

“Leaving a relationship, leaving a project, moving from a place that I have worked so hard to a new one, was very difficult for me,” he explained. “Today brings me a lot of joy, but at the moment I felt like I was incapable of starting another project and generating another family with the team … Suddenly I found myself alone generating everything again. It scared me. That was my ‘sad first day’. It was my first strong crisis ”.

Gotusso began his career with the musician Santi Celli as part of the duo Salvapantallas, created in 2016. In 2018 they released their first album, which had Jorge Drexler as a guest, and received two nominations for the Gardel Awards. By 2019 the singer had composed a handful of songs in Buenos Aires that she felt she should perform alone and, after a farewell tour with Celli (of whom she expressed herself with great esteem), Zoe Gotusso came to light.

With an alternative indie pop style dominated by the guitar, he first released a series of singles including “Una bossa +”, “Monoambiente en Capital” and “Calefón”. In June 2020 he released “Ganas”, the first single from “Mi primer día triste”, composed by Nicolás Landa and Diego Mema. The album came out six months later.

When asked about his creative process after having gone through those first moments of uncertainty in which he did not know if he would be able to compose, Gotusso said that the first song he wrote, which precisely gives the album its title, came from the hole in which he was.

“And this pain is going to kill me / I want to yell at him, out of the house / (Out, out, out)”, says part of the lyrics.

“After that crying, many creations began to come … I vomited songs, in a great sense,” said the artist. “It was like an explosion that I had and it was so sincere, and it was so lonely, that it made me leave the duo. I had to take care of these songs. It seemed genuine to me to sing them alone. It was very real. “

“Look how powerful it is to follow intuition,” he added. “Today these songs are making me travel the world.”

If I could use the world of sensations to describe her music, I would say that “it is quiet, that I speak as I sing … and I feel that it is music, I hope, that it embraces you.”

Next Thursday, Gotusso will be measured for the Latin Grammy for best new artist with Giulia Be, María Becerra, Bizarrap, Boza, Humbe, Rita Indiana, Lasso, Paloma Mami, Marcos Mares and Jualiana Velásquez. For the award for the best pop / rock song, he competes with Diamante Eléctrico (“Sometimes”), Love of Lesbian (“Cosmos (antisistema solar)”), Zoé (“El dlo”) and C. Tangana and Andrés Calamaro (“Hong Kong”).

Excited to visit Las Vegas, she really wants to meet Jorge Drexler and the Spanish musician Leiva there, with whom she will soon launch a collaboration, as their familiar faces would help her feel at home.

Soon he plans a tour of more than 60 concerts in Latin America entitled “Ganas de Tour”, with shows in cities in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and much of Argentina. His 25 years will be celebrated on May 22, 2022 with his first solo concert at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires.


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Zoe Gotusso goes out of her element and reaches the Latin Grammy