YouTube: the records of Argentine artists nominated for the Latin Grammy

This Thursday the 22nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards and from Youtube, announced the records and numbers of the Argentine artists who are nominated for the prestigious award.

In the category Best New Artist Three local exponents stand out that have been breaking it during the last months: Maria Becerra, Bizarrap (who is also nominated for Producer of the Year and in the categories Best Urban Performance and Best Rap / Hip Hop Song) and Zoe gotusso (Also nominated for Best Pop / Rock Song for “Ganas”).

  • During the last 12 months, the music videos in which he participated generated more than 2.5 billion views, reaching fans throughout the region, but also in Spain (127 million views) and the United States (57.9 million views).

  • Within the ranking of Top Artists of YouTube Argentina (from November 5 to 11) it occupies the first position, accumulating more than 24 million views during the last week. While within the first 10 positions of the Top Music Videos ranking (from November 5 to 11), María is present with “Before You” (with Rusherking) and “Wow Wow” (with Becky G), which occupy ranked # 5 and # 10, respectively.

  • Collaborations with other artists marked a large part of his career in the last year and this is reflected in his three most played videos: “What else, then?”, With J. Balvin; “Lie to me”, with Tini and “Plus de Mí Remix”, a song by Rusherking and Tiago PZK in which he participates with Khea, Lit Killah and Duki.

  • His YouTube channel exceeds 2.81 million subscribers and 985 million total views.

  • In the last year, his videos have exceeded 2 billion views. With Argentina (743 million views), Mexico (528 million views) and Spain (199 million views) occupying the top 3 of the countries where it is heard the most.

  • While in the ranking of Top Artists of YouTube Argentina (from November 5 to 11) it occupies the fifth place, the video of Session # 46 together with Anuel AA reached # 1 in the Top Music Videos in the week of its release. and, now, it is in the third position (from November 5 to 11).

  • His sessions with Nathy Peluso, L-Gante and Snow Tha Product were the most viewed videos on his channel in the last year.

  • On its YouTube channel, Bizarrap exceeds 11 million subscribers and 3 billion total views.

Nathy Peluso is another of the local artists that stands out in the pre-Latin Grammy awards, achieving 4 nominations in the categories Best urban fusion / performance (Nathy Peluso: BZRP Music Session, Vol. 36), Best Rap / Hip Hop Song (“Healthy healthy“), Best Alternative Music Album (Muscle cramp) and Best Alternative Song (“Hold on“). During the last year, his videos surpassed 600 million views on YouTube and his three most viewed videos were: BZRP Music Sessions # 36, Delito and Sana Sana (Live). In addition,” Pa ‘Mis Muchachas “, his Recent collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Nicki Nicole and Becky G already exceeds 14 million views.

For its part, Fito Paez will receive the award for musical excellence given to those artists who made creative contributions to Latin music. His music, on YouTube, during the last year generated more than 66 million views. But he is not only an artist followed by Spanish-speaking fans since within the 20 countries that listened to him the most are also the United States (1.34 million reproductions), Italy (153 thousand reproductions) and Canada (124 thousand views).

Another representative of local music is Nahuel Pennisi, who is nominated in the Best Folk Album category for Be reborn, his latest release. In his YouTube channel, which exceeds 36 million views, you can find, in addition to the full album, a version of his song “World“, with Abel Pintos.

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YouTube: the records of Argentine artists nominated for the Latin Grammy