Who is Paula Arenas? The Colombian woman most nominated for the Latin Grammy 2021

14 Oct 2021 – 3:13 p. m.

Paula Arenas gets 4 nominations in the most important categories of the Latin Grammys 2021 and does so as an independent artist.

Paula Arenas spent years singing in bars, restaurants and private events in her native Bogotá. Every money earned from performances he used to record his music. One lucky day, producer Julio Reyes Copello (he has composed and produced music for Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Jennifer Lopez, Kanny García, Laura Pausini, and Diego Torres, among others), told him that he had to settle in Miami if he wanted to internationalize his career and he did so. After 7 years of knocking on many doors and working with his hand, he gets 4 nominations at the 2021 Latin Grammys: “Song of the Year”, Album of the Year “,” Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album “and” Record of the Year “.

I thought it was a joke that as an independent artist and on such a personal album, I managed to get on the prestigious list of nominees. He knows that the fight is tough but happiness is not less than attending on November 18 to Las Vegas, where the Latin Grammy gala will be this year. Confessed to Trading cards What does he intend to say in his speech if he wins, his position in the fight between J Balvin and Residente and what is to come, because Paula Arenas does not stop making music.

What were you doing the moment you found out about the 4 Latin Grammy nominations?

I was bathing my son Leon. I knew they were about to announce the nominations but I didn’t want to be too aware of the issue. Suddenly, María Elisa Ayerbe calls me, who is one of the record’s producers and tells me that they nominated us as Album of the year. I could not believe it. I thought it was a joke. Then he tells me that there were four and in the most important categories. So I called my husband, my manager and the whole team to thank them. We never imagined that such a personal album, made with our nails and in times of a pandemic, would have this recognition. This is an industry that does not tend to support independent artists as much. I’m not with a label and that I get these nominations, it’s something from another planet.

How did that return to music feel after you became a mom?

I had postpartum depression. I went through a difficult time and once again music saved me. I had to start writing, to take out what was inside me and that’s what I wrote to him. But that’s not just what it means to do it after being a mom, but a pandemic and a series of personal tragedies: my dad suffered a stroke as soon as my baby was born and my brother got sick. It is totally different, because I am already a mother, I learned to see a new color. It is true when they say that there is no greater love than that felt for a child. Everything goes to the background because I am already a mother.

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What do you think of the fight between J Balvin and Residente for the Latin Grammy nominations?

It seems to me that it has been too offensive. I don’t agree with what Balvin said, not at all. I think he lacked humility. Boycotting an event that is giving importance to the other music that exists, is disrespectful. What is the need. He already has all the numbers he wants and the prizes. I personally love his music, I enjoy it, but I don’t see the need to do the boycott. You don’t have to go so far and bring your hatred to that point. Due to this discussion, attention is being taken away from what is truly important, which are the nominees.

Where does this taste for making music come from?

From Café with the scent of a woman. It completely influenced me. There are no musicians in my family. The connection to music comes from me. I sing with the passion of novels and that same passion is in my lyrics. I must always thank my parents because when it came time to choose a career, they asked me to give music a chance and I, who was very insecure, did not think that was possible, but they supported me and insisted. For many years I sang in bars, restaurants, private events and I was making a niche and the money I received I was saving, I used it to produce the songs. At that time, producer Julio Reyes Copello came into my life and decided to bet on my career and that is the reason why I am in Miami.

What did you do during the time of the pandemic?

The first part I was pregnant, so what I did was cook, eat and gain weight. I gained 30 kilos but I already lost them, and of course I was in an exclusive time for León, which was what I wanted. Since the end of 2020 I have been dedicated to releasing new music. This album was a parenthesis and is completely dedicated to my family.

What are you going to say if you win at the Grammys?

I should write something but I have not done it because I suggest myself to win. I see the truth hard. I think what I’m going to do is not think about winning, but enjoy it. I’m going to be surprised. Likewise, since I was 5 years old, I have a prepared speech of a queen (laughs). We are women and this industry has never been very favorable to us. Things are changing and I am very happy about that.

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Who is Paula Arenas? The Colombian woman most nominated for the Latin Grammy 2021

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