We continue to celebrate the Latin Grammy with a Guatemalan label: Alfredo Cáceres, featured guitarist on the winning album Tinto Tango

Tinto Tango’s album, made up of Alan Busteed, Angelo Metz, Matias Piegari, Stewart Rosen and Mariano Dugatkin, won one of the awards that the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences last Thursday, November 18, for their material Tinto Tango plays Piazzolla.

The album is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla, one of the most outstanding tango artists in Argentina. Tinto Tango was one of the most emotional groups in their message at the time of receiving their Latin Grammy.

“We are celebrating music after a difficult year… and if we are here it is because there was someone who opened our hearts and introduced us to music, our album with a lot of love was dedicated to the teachers who opened our way, and I dedicate this album especially to all the music teachers who take the time and with love open up to the children and all the youth to be here ”, said its musical director and bandoneon player, Mariano Dugatkin.

He also recalled an anecdote: “as a boy, my old man (dad) would take me to school or to the club in the car to play football listening to Astor on a cassette, and after finishing each song he would tell me: taste each piece like someone who leaves undo a fine chocolate bonbon in your mouth ”. Undoubtedly, an experience that has influenced this prestigious quintet that has managed to put Astor’s talent on top.

During his thanks, Dugatkin mentioned the team that made the production of this album possible, including the Guatemalan guitarist Alfredo Cáceres, who was part of this material.

This is the first Latin Grammy for Guatemalan talent. Although another of the highlights for him was in 2017, because he was nominated in the 59th Grammy Awards for his participation in the album Night sky where he recorded with Russ Hewitt, which was in the categories of Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Album Engineering, and Best Instrumental Composition, for the song. Persian sky (Special guest Iranian guitarist Ardeshir Farah).

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In a telephone interview with Free Press, Cáceres comments that he did not realize it at the time of the award because he was working until he received a call from a relative, “then the messages from the group members began to arrive,” he recalls with emotion.

The artist comments that the album was recorded between 2018 and 2019 and Dugatkin called him to participate, they both met more than a decade ago because they live in Los Angeles, California.

“We somehow knew that there was a possibility of getting a Latin Grammy because he would also be with Dugatkin in the Rafa Sardina production,” says the Guatemalan. Sardina is originally from Bermeo, in the Basque Country and has been behind productions with Alejandro Sanz, Luis Miguel, Calle 13, among others, and has also been recognized with multiple awards, in which he has about 10 Latin Academy of Arts awards. and Recording Sciences.

The guitarist also comments that he was moved to know that the material was inspired by Piazzolla, who for him has been a benchmark and is considered the Beethoven of the Latin American continent and one of the best composers, “almost all the orchestras in the world play the music of Astor Piazzolla ”, he adds.

Among the anecdotes on this album, Cáceres regrets that he could not be in some videos because at that time he suffered from tendinitis (inflammation or irritation of a tendon) and had to rest for a few weeks. “It was unfortunate news, but we kept going and this musical recognition is a pleasure,” he adds.

Regarding the winning category, he commented that he feels happy because “this musical style, classical music and jazz receive recognition,” he said.

Cáceres currently participates in different projects and with a very busy schedule during the week. He plays in different styles such as jazz, Brazilian music, boleros, Cuban music, among others. He also has a personal project called Hispanic, a guitar duet with Chilean Waldo Valenzuela.

He is currently preparing a single on a theme influenced by Middle Eastern artists. This one will come out in late December or early 2022 and will look to be his first own album after a few years.

As a final message he shares to young people: “Never lose hope of sharing with the world what comes from your heart with effort, dedication and study”says the artist.

The congratulations of Gaby Moreno

Gaby Moreno wrote a special message for Cáceres and Aroddy, highlighted by his work with Ya me saw, in Best Christian Album. Gaby was also nominated for the recent 22nd edition of the Latin Grammy, in the category Best Tropical Song with Bolero to life, in which God so wanted it won, by Ricardo Montaner and Juan Luis Guerra.

“Thank you all very much for your expressions of love and support. We did not take the statuette but I want to congratulate the icon that is Juan Luis Guerra along with Ricardo Montaner for having won that category with his beautiful song “Dios Así Lo Lo”.

In his message, he also highlighted two Guatemalan winners of this recognition: “I also want to extend my sincere congratulations to two Guatemalans who won yesterday. The excellent guitarist Alfredo Cáceres for his participation in the album “Tinto Tango plays Piazzolla” (Best Tango Album) and Aroddy for his album “Ya Me Vi” (Best Christian Album) “.

He also invited to listen to them on digital platforms and support them in this way.

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We continue to celebrate the Latin Grammy with a Guatemalan label: Alfredo Cáceres, featured guitarist on the winning album Tinto Tango