Víctor Manuelle gets the Gold Record for “Víctimas las dos” and is immortalized in the Grammy Museum

Víctor Manuelle surpasses his own records in his musical career by obtaining Golden disc in the United States for the single “Victims both” performed with La India, becoming the 29th number 1 Tropical Billboard by the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and the 11th number 1 Tropical Billboard by the Princess of Salsa.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) publicly announced the Certification after reaching more than 20 thousand copies sold in the United States.

“Celebrating another achievement, thanks to my audience for always supporting me. Peru, here we go to enjoy it on Saturday, November 20 at the Arena Perpu!” He commented very emotionally. Victor Manuelle.

As is known, the artist is an icon of tropical music and has also been immortalized this year at the Grammy Museum located in Los Angeles and whose exhibition is called “Red Carpet Exhibit” that will be open until mid-2022.

On the other hand, Víctor Manuelle already has his new unpublished album ready, which will include 10 songs written mostly by himself, who has dedicated a lot of time to this record production that will also have special guests of the category.

“I’m very excited about my new album and I don’t see how many hours it will come out, but apart from” Víctimas las dos “which was a small preview, there is a very nice song called” Give me back a love you “, which talks of pure love, another called “I decided to have pants”, which is a pretty strong song too. The content is very well cared for, because I think there is a need to listen to good lyrics at the moment “, he added about the album, that already titled in secret.

The Victor Manuelle show in Lima

Víctor Manuelle will sing for the first time at the Arena Peru. The appointment is on Saturday, November 20, with a show that will be preceded by the most select of Peruvian salsa, such as the revelation Brunella Torpoco, the Bembé Orchestra, Son Tentación, Zaperoko and the soloist Farik Grippa.

The concert is complemented by the singer Cielo Torres, Wilmer Cartagena, Combinación de la Habana and several others. Tickets for this event are available with a 15% discount in the Teleticket modules of Wong and Metro.

But music and the record aren’t the only thing keeping people busy. Victor Manuelle, but also his granddaughter Dylara Valentina with whom he shares daily in his house on the Island of Enchantment next to his wife Frances Franco whom he married earlier this year after 13 years of living together and their daughter Yanishka.


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Víctor Manuelle gets the Gold Record for “Víctimas las dos” and is immortalized in the Grammy Museum