Tico Óscar Marín won his fourth Latin Grammy: ‘we are very happy’

Great news for Costa Rican music! On the afternoon of this Thursday, November 18, the national engineer Óscar Marín won a new Latin Grammy. He obtained it in the category ‘best salsa album’ for the album Salsa Plus !, from the renowned Panamanian singer Rubén Blades.

The 51-year-old Tico, from Alajuela, has been working in sound engineering for almost 30 years.

Marín, who is in the United States at the award ceremony, commented, amid congratulations and the excitement for having won, that he is very happy for the recognition.

“I am very happy, I am proud. We are all very happy, all the bandmates, we are very happy, “he said while hurrying in the middle of congratulations because he had to mobilize to the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, where the main ceremony of the Latin Grammy will be on Thursday night. November 18th.

There are two awards to which Marín was nominated in the Latin Grammy 2021. The other section in which he participates is for best album for Salswing!, also by Rubén Blades. This award will be presented at night, right on the main evening.

“The fact that the work is with an artist like the one (Rubén Blades) is, then it gives you a wider window for people to notice the product and be able to be nominated in those important categories” , previously commented.

Marín’s working relationship with Blades began in the 90s. In fact, the Costa Rican’s current success has a lot to do with the opportunities he sought and took advantage of at that time.

“The contact started with the album Time. At that time he (Rubén) started a relationship with the group Éditus. I was recording another album in the same studio where Editus was. They were busy speeding up a recording process (…), they asked me for help, I said yes. We started recording demos for Tiempos in ’96 and ’97. I met Rubén. With this album we won the first Grammy ”, he recalled.

By the way, one of the most important recognitions granted by the Latin Recording Academy (responsible for the Latin Grammy), is the Person of the Year award, which this 2021 was in the hands of Rubén Blades.

For his work, Marín has already been nominated for the Grammy Awards on 11 occasions, of which he has won four Latin awards and one Anglo-Saxon.

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“You do things not thinking about whether you are going to be nominated or not. A lot of people annoy me because I never think about whether I’m going to be at the Grammys, I don’t remember many times that albums are nominated. You do it because you like it and you want the job to go well ”, said the engineer to Live, at the beginning of October.

The other Costa Rican nominated for the Latin Grammy 2021 is the composer Eddie Mora, who unfortunately did not manage to obtain the gramophone in the competition for best classical composition, due to the production From the land that I inhabit.

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Tico Óscar Marín won his fourth Latin Grammy: ‘we are very happy’