Three concert stories with two Latin Grammy nominations

Passion, preparation and the natural gift pave the way for creativity: Héctor Infanzón knows this and leaves that mark on Three concerting stories, an album recorded with the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Konstantin Dobroykov, at the National Radio Studios in Sofia in September 2019. Album compatible with the presence of Infanzón on the jazz scene; This is how the pianist himself explains it. “It is a job that I have been doing for many years: classical, jazz or popular music training have been parallel careers in which I have been trained. And I don’t see them as different genres; For me, music has been integral since my childhood, hence I have the opportunity to jump from one genre to another in a natural way. My childhood training was listening to a lot of jazz, classical, rock, big bands and film pieces. Later, in my piano training at the Higher School of Music, the approach to the classical genre is very clear; So, all these elements in all these years have been together and, for me, one is not different from the other, it is an extension of everything that I have been doing for a long time and on this album, which compiles three of my concerts – the violin, vibraphone and piano– is the synthesis of all this amalgam and experiences ”.

Tres stories concertantes has two nominations for the Latin Grammy 2021; In this regard, the maestro Infanzón explains: “I feel with enormous gratitude, because the Latin Academy nominated the Concerto for violin and orchestra: Remembrances, as Best Contemporary Classical Work / Composition, and I am very pleased that this work is recognized because it motivates one a lot to continue composing and, above all, to know that the work that one has been doing for years has an echo. And regardless of the award, the nomination is already a recognition that I appreciate so much, as well as for the full album that is also nominated ”.

Nostalgic, intimate and very personal

Tres Histories Concertantes is nostalgic, intimate and very personal; the titles of the concerts contained give the guideline, Infanzón confirms it: “Yes, it is an album like all my compositions; as I do in jazz, in my symphonic or chamber works: I give them titles that refer to stories of my childhood and adolescence that I honor and thank for having lived them and they make me make the music that he made now and, above all, the most important thing is that I tell stories; It is not only making music, notes, chords, melodies, but a story is intrinsic and for me it is very important to tell moments and landscapes and share them through my music. In the end everything has a special title. There is the violin concert, which I call, Remembrances and what are my adventures when I lived in San Juan de Letrán, around Bellas Artes and the Torre Latino, an environment that marked me in childhood; and there is the concert – dedicated to my father – for vibraphone, the first instrument, among many, that was in the house and that when he arrived we all loved it and, while my father taught us, we played around him. And that’s the name of the concert: Playing with dad. The third concert, that of piano and orchestra, is called Celebration, whose three movements I focus on family parties. Since its preparation, the ceremony and the celebration. So these three concerts are made up of a family longing that I really like to gloat and honor through my music. “

The concert has already been played on several occasions. “The one that was played prior to the recording was at the Palacio de Bellas Artes with the National Symphony Orchestra and William Harvey himself who was the soloist; and I already have invitations to be performed by other orchestras in the country and abroad as well ”, concludes Héctor Infanzón.

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Three concert stories with two Latin Grammy nominations

Hank Gilbert