The absence of JBalvin, the triumph of Camilo and the memes of the Latin Grammys

The awards gala of the Latin Grammy 2021 It was held on November 18 at the Grand Garden Arena Hotel, in Las Vegas, United States. Camilo He got all the compliments, after having been left with four of his ten nominations.

The Colombian managed to win the golden gramophones in the categories of best pop vocal album, for ‘Mis Manos’; best pop song, for ‘Rico’s life’ and best urban fusion / Interpretation, by Tattoo, Together with Raw Alejandro.

Camilo receives one of his four Grammy Awards.


Rich Polk / Getty Images for The Latin Recor

He also won the award for best tropical song, for his collaboration with Ricardo Montaner, his father-in-law, with the theme ‘God wanted it that way’.

It should be noted that the awards were dedicated to his son Indigo, who will be born in the coming months as a result of his union with Evaluna Montaner, daughter of the composer Montaner.

As is usual in this class of awards, Internet users did not wait for their reactions and comments on the gala.

During the night of last Thursday, and before the start of the evening, the ‘hashtag’ was already a trend on Twitter #Grammy, because the users of social networks already made their appreciations known as they know how best to do it: with memes.

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Without a doubt, one of the great absentees was the reggaeton player J Balvin, who did not attend the event after criticizing the show’s organizers and judges.

Likewise, after starring in a controversial ‘scuffle’ with the Puerto Rican artist Resident, who was upset by the accusations made by the interpreter of ‘Colores’ to the organizers of the Academy of Latin Music.

Meanwhile, J Balvin could not win in the only category to which he was nominated, because his compatriot Karol G, who also did not attend the contest, won the award for best reggaeton performance, for his composition ‘Bichota’.

For its part, one of the golden gramophones that caused the most sensation among the national winners was taken by the Medellín Philharmonic Orchestra and your Rockito for having made the best Latin music album for children.

He joined the gala of Colombian winners Juanes, to whom the first place in the category best pop-rock album was awarded in the pregala, thanks to ‘Origen’.

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With this award, the paisa singer-songwriter equals ‘Residente’ as one of the artists with the most awards obtained, as both adjusted 26 Latin Grammy throughout his broad musical career.

Other Colombians who won awards last Thursday were Silvestre Dangond, for best cumbia album for ‘Las Locuras Mías’; Jualiana Velazquez, for best new artist; and Petrona Martinez He did the same with the category for best folk album for ‘Ancestras’.

The most coveted awards of the night went to the salsa composer Ruben blades, for ‘Salswing’, and the Cuban anthem ‘Patria y Vida’ as the song of the year.

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The absence of JBalvin, the triumph of Camilo and the memes of the Latin Grammys