Residente returns to the charge against J Balvin: the controversy over the boycott of the Latin Grammys

A few days ago René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, the former Calle 13 singer, lashed out at J Balvin for promoting the boycott of the Latin Grammy Awards. According to Balvin, the organizers of these important awards for music in Spanish had put aside the nominations of the urban genre. Residente, in a video that went viral, addressed the singer and told him that he had no right to request a boycott of these awards because he was not nominated as many times as he would like.

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Some urban music singers, such as Daddy Yankee, Anuel or J Balvin, have called for a boycott of the next edition of the Latin Grammys to be held on November 18. According to these artists, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences did not value the authors of urban music as it should. This call for a boycott has ignited the former Calle 13 singer, who ended up making three videos attacking Balvin.


Residente and Bad Bunny in a march in Puerto Rico in 2019


In the last video that Residente has uploaded, he has directly attacked J Balvin. The Puerto Rican shows his true opinion about J Balvin and better explains his enmity with the popular singer. “It interests me that people know the type of person that you are. I am a man of my word unlike you “, Rene begins saying in the video.

Resident in the same video, he also attacks Balvin’s father and tells him to teach him values, that not everything is money in the world, not everything is business. “There is also honesty and loyalty. That loyalty that you did not have with Rebeca León or with Juanes. After they launched the race to heaven, you sent them to hell.”

Likewise, Residente reveals that the day he published the first video, J Balvin called him “crying” to remove the video from his networks. “You ended up calling everyone, you left me eight WhatsApp messages and on the networks you write me ‘I respect your opinion'”. He reproaches him for being good on social networks and then calling for him to remove the video from behind.

All this controversy has arisen from a publication that Residente uploaded to Instagram a few days ago in which he gave his opinion about boycotting this year’s edition of the Latin Grammys. “If the Grammys don’t value us, why do I have 31 Grammys?” Said the singer then.

What’s more, the thing did not stop here. René confessed that it seemed in very bad taste to ask for a boycott of these awards without thinking about the people who debut in the nominations. “You say first-time nominees don’t go to the Grammys.” In addition, he added that this year the Latin music awards will pay tribute to the artist Rubén Blades asking Balvin if “you are saying that they are not going to celebrate the artistic life of Rubén Blades.”

Act later, in the same video Residente took the opportunity to attack the music made by J Balvin. He told him that his music is like a hot dog, that that does not mean that he is not rich or that people do not like him, but that with a ‘hot dog’ you cannot expect to win a Michelin star. But, in addition, René blamed him that last year with J Balvin he had 13 nominations and did not ask for the boycott, “there you did not ask for the boycott. Sure you had a change of clothes for each award ”, assured the rapper.

In addition, in a second video of René Pérez’s account, a hot dog vendor appears saying: “each ‘hot dog’ gets its Resident”, referring, once again, to what the singer thinks of the music of his colleague by profession.

For his part, J Balvin has not been able to ignore the controversy and has replied in two ways to the former singer of Calle 13. In the first he has done so politely and has told him that he respected his opinion. But he has also joked about the words of Resident with a publication on his Instagram account where J Balvin appeared with a cart of hot dogs and the text “come out and perrea.”

J. Balvin poses with a hot dog cart in response to Residente

J. Balvin poses with a hot dog cart in response to Residente

Instagram / @ jbalvin

This gesture has not been very funny to Resident and that is why he has uploaded the third video answering J Balvin. Considering what has been seen, everything indicates that the controversy will continue from here until the Latin Grammy Awards gala is held on November 18.

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Residente returns to the charge against J Balvin: the controversy over the boycott of the Latin Grammys

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