Paula Arenas, the most nominated woman in the Latin Grammy 2021

Colombian singer Paula Arenas has four nominations for the next Latin Grammy 2021. The independent interpreter and composer is once again in the crosshairs of recognition, now thanks to her album ‘Mis amores’, album that was born during this covid-19 pandemic, also just during her pregnancy process. Nevertheless, its achievement has not been fortuitous. She has broken stereotypes in music and above all has been true to herself, actions that make her the most nominated woman of the Latin Grammy 2021.

In an interview for MILENIO, Paula Arenas told how was the creative process of her album ‘Mis amores’, which he created during the covid-19 pandemic and keeps a lot of his personality and privacy. What’s more, explained how it feels to be the most nominated woman at the Latin Grammy 2021, Well, it is not the first time that he has participated for this award.

“I have been doing this path for a long time. I had a 2017 Grammy nomination as a new artist. Then in 2019 I released my album ‘Visceral’, it achieved another three Grammy nominations. And now we are with another album that I made during the pandemic that I made during my pregnancy. What did I do locked up and now I better have four more Latin Grammy nominations for album of the year, song of the year, record of the year, Traditional Pop Vocal album. It has been wonderful, ”Paula Arenas said at the beginning.

Sincere when it comes to talking about music, Paula Arenas expressed that for her writing, singing and creating is everything. Music for her is her refuge and her way of expressing what she carries in her soul:

“I think music has always been the journey. I believe that music has always been like that means to express myself, to say everything that I have in my soul and thus it has become stronger and stronger because music is my refuge completely. It is everything to me and now I have a very great inspiration which is my son, my family ”, he added.

Nevertheless, Paula Arenas’ path has not been easy, as she is a singer of Colombian origin who is totally independent. It does not have the support of major labels like other artists. Although this has not been an impediment to follow her dreams and especially to be true to herself.

“It has really been a long road. I am a freelance artist. I am a romantic artist and well, the road becomes even more difficult, but I have been very honest with myself. I have always tried to ‘it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter the reproductions’, ‘it doesn’t matter the number of numbers’, I want to be unfaithful to myself to be able to sing my music that is real, for me, real so that they will feel that way “, she commented Paula Arenas for MILENIO.

How was ‘Mis Amores’ born, the album that led Paula Arenas to be the most nominated woman at the Latin Grammy 2021?

During the covid-19 pandemic, Paula Arenas also had to take refuge at home to avoid contagion. During that time when there was anguish, sadness and fear, she decided to bring out her emotions through what she loves: music. In addition to the fact that during this process the pregnancy of her first baby also developed. That is how he managed to create six intimate songs from the album ‘Mis Amores’.

“’My love’ is an album… we all know that 2020 was difficult due to the pandemic. In the midst of all this anguish, this fear, this pain, I took refuge in my family. I was very inspired. I had the need to feel well. I made part of the album pregnant, part I did with the baby already born. I made another song before I got pregnant. Everything was in that process during the pandemic.

The production of the album is a very small production, it is still special, but it is small because it was the situation we were experiencing. In other words, during the recording, I was in my studio at home, in other words, I couldn’t even go out to a studio because I was really scared with my belly and my baby. At that time we did not really know what the pandemic was about. Then, well I remember that I left the house full of plastic and things and anguish, totally. During that time I said I must see a way to free myself from all this, ”explained Paula Arenas.

Therefore, this special album for the independent singer and songwriter, Paula Arenas, is dedicated to her son and her husband:

“It is such a personal and real album, which is ‘My love’ is six songs, but the six songs that are there are songs of the soul, which is the most personal thing I have done in my life. I dedicate it to my son and my husband, but then it can be dedicated to the mother, the father, the dog. I don’t know who they are clinging to, but I think this pandemic allowed us to cling more to loved ones, ”he said.

What do you expect from the 2021 Latin Grammys?

Paula Arenas hope to enjoy the Latin Grammy 2021 to the max. This beyond the prizes you can win. And it is that these nominations gave her a push to know that she can achieve everything she sets out to do, including enjoying her motherhood:

“This year I want to go enjoy it. Enjoy the whole process. To sing in the main show. So I’m happy, happy, happy. This is a celebration for me. Then I’m going to celebrate. I needed a push, after being a mother, I had that fear of ‘I will be able to be a mother and also be able to continue doing my dream’, a lot of things that women sometimes have in mind and I think this clears all the doubts: here we continue, I can be a mother, I can be a singer, I can give my son an example that is worth dreaming of ”.

Paula Arenas breaks stereotypes in music

Paula Arenas considers that she is a woman who has broken the stereotypes that exist in the music industry. For this reason, she is proud to be the most nominated woman at the Grammy Awards.

“We have all broken –the stereotypes– We are against the current, that is, first of all I am making romantic music, celebrating love songs, and clearly I am not going for what is more fashionable. I am being true to myself, but I am becoming true to myself and that is divine. I like to break stereotypes. Of course I love being the most nominated woman in the Latin Grammy … being independent and saying ‘I independently could do it’.

And I also thank the Academy for opening the opportunity to artists like me, an independent woman, produced by another woman too, and here we are. Here we continue dreaming and believing ”, answered Paula Arenas.

Paula Arenas advises following dreams

Finally, Paula Arenas recommended to those who wish to follow the same path, to follow their dreams:

“Follow your dreams. I recommend that people who are going to get into this have a lot of patience. This is a very long race, it is a race of ups and downs. You can be at the tip of the wave and then be down.

Then try to keep calm. I tell people to be true to their love, to what they like. Do it, do not let it stain your soul. Be very honest with yourself because it is a long career, that if you don’t do what you love, then it doesn’t make sense ”, he concluded.


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Paula Arenas, the most nominated woman in the Latin Grammy 2021