Paloma Mami nominated for a Grammy: “I am sensual and hard at the same time, that is my essence”

He thought it was a joke, but no. One night, Puerto Rican musician Roa told his girlfriend, singer Paloma Mami, that he had been nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of Best New Artist. But she didn’t believe him.

“Sometimes he tells me joke things like ‘Adele was listening to your song and uploaded it’, things that are very crazy that would not happen … and I fall,” said Paloma Mami in a recent interview quoted by AP. “She woke me up saying she was nominated for a Grammy and I… I said, ‘You know what? Let me sleep, please leave me alone. ‘ And I went to sleep”.

The boyfriend, who was the executive producer of her debut album Sueños de Dalí (of which Paloma spoke at length with La Cuarta some time ago) let her sleep a little longer, but woke her up again to tell her that he was “serious.”

And it was real! It wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a joke, ”he recalls.

With Dalí’s stamp

The coveted category of best new artist at the Latin Grammy this year includes other urban music performers such as María Becerra, Bizarrap and Boza, who like her will arrive a long way at Thursday’s ceremony in Las Vegas. In the case of Paloma Mami, she feels that the nomination is perfect despite the fact that she has been making her way from singles like “Not steady” and “Don’t fall in love” for some years.

“I consider myself a new artist because I have just released my first album now,” he explains. «I’ve been doing this for almost four years now, but I think that all the music that I put out on this album is very different from who I was before. So with this album I considered myself as a new artist, I’m starting everything from scratch, like I wanted to forget about that person from before ».

The nomination comes for his debut album Sueños de Dalí. A work that she titled that way because she has been a fan of the Spanish painter since she was little. His father is an architect and he gave him drawing classes in which Dalí was one of the inspirations for both of them. Furthermore, his dreams are as crazy and intense as the artist’s paintings.

“I really love my dreams, it’s where I get all my creativity, my imagination,” said the singer.

In a conversation with La Cuarta, some time ago, he detailed his love for Dalí. »It was obvious that he was an artist who did not care at all what people thought of his art, he did it to leave an effect on people; I think they wondered what Dalí was thinking, what was he saying, and I wanted to do the same with my album; I wanted to leave people thinking, I think that’s the best for me.

The album cover, in the style of Dalí, was designed by the artist Teffy from a concept of Paloma. “I didn’t have time and my managers didn’t trust me to deliver it on time and finish the record at the same time,” he said humbly.

Regarding the album material, composed mainly with her boyfriend, she points out that songs like “Things of Life” arose from her taste for artists like José José and Myriam Hernández. “We were really listening to a lot of romantic music from that time,” he said.

Paloma Mami nominated for a Grammy I am sensual and

Between Ricky Martin and Diplo

One of the first consecrated artists to support Paloma Mami’s project was Ricky Martin, with whom he sings “Que rico outside”.

«My gosh! (Oh my God!) That’s very crazy, ”remembers Paloma. «That the second (collaboration) is with Ricky, that he approached me, that he wanted to do something with me for me is so crazy, and I am very grateful to him because he always told me that he has seen my vision and I appreciate that too”.

It has not been the only crossing. The song “QueLoQue” reunited her with Major Lazer project that includes Diplo. «Diplo wrote to me on Instagram and said he wanted to do a collaboration and I obviously found him super cool. They are incredible to produce and all that, so I’m happy, “he said.

For her, one of the pieces on the album in which she was able to express herself more authentically is “I Love Her.” A song that has bass typical of the heaviest rapping and whose lyrics speak of getting ready and getting to break it in the club.

“I love it a lot because with that song I felt like I could free myself a lot in the studio, I could be very open-minded and not think much about the lyrics, it was just fun,” he said. “I feel that the song emits a lot of good vibes, I love to dance to it … That sensual and hard mix at the same time, that’s like my essence.”

Not surprisingly, as a child she played soccer and still considers herself a “tomboy” (rude girl).

«I feel that for me ‘tomboy’ is actually that I don’t really care about anything, I don’t care what people think about how I look, I don’t care if I come out super weird dressed, if I come out with giant pants and a shirt (T-shirt) giant and people confuse me as a man sometimes I don’t care. It has happened to me many times and I do not care – he says -. That’s the only thing that has made me happy.

For the Latin Grammy ceremony, the artist plans to walk the red carpet dressed in a “modern” style and, after the awards ceremony, she plans to perform on November 27 at the Coca-Cola Flow Fest in Mexico City .

“Whatever the ‘outcome’ (result) I’m going to be happy forever,” he said about the Latin Grammy. “It is an honor for me just to be there.”

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Paloma Mami nominated for a Grammy: “I am sensual and hard at the same time, that is my essence”