Latin Grammy: award for son de discordia

The Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will celebrate its annual awards ceremony next Thursday Latin Grammy, And like other years, the awards gala has been preceded by some controversies and criticism from some artists.

This year the urban exponents J Balvin and René Pérez Joglar, better known as Resident, starred in a media controversy for the award nominations in which both injected expectations to the annual gala to be held at MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas.

The Colombian singer was the first to express himself.

“The Grammys don’t value us, but they need us. It is my opinion and nothing against the other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is already boring. We give them ratings but they don’t give us respect (Pd. I’m nominated so they don’t come because I’m hurt) JOSE “he wrote on his Twitter account.

That same day, he added another message that was the trigger for the situation, by which he urged that no artist of the urban genre attend the celebration of the Latin Grammy Awards. Both tweets were deleted from the social network.

Faced with that request for a boycott, Pérez met J Balvin in a controversy that went beyond a criticism of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and became a personal matter.

Resident, he recorded a video and published it on his Instagram account, where he spoke directly and loudly to the Colombian, who is nominated for the award for best “Song of the Year” for the song “Water” together with Tainy.

“To understand why I am lost, José. If the Grammys don’t value us, then why do I have 31 Grammys? I’m not urban, I don’t rap, what genre are we talking about? From what I saw yesterday they nominated many colleagues who gave him cab% $ #: C. Tangana, Rauw Alejandro, Nathy Peluso, Bad Bunny, Eladio Carrión, Ozuna, Karol G, Farruko, DJ Nelson, Jhay Cortez, Farina, Rafa Pabón , Yotuel, Beatriz Luengo, Myke Towers ”, the Puerto Rican listed.

Immediately afterwards, Residente compared J Balvin’s music to hot dogs, a meal that, according to the Puerto Rican, everyone likes, but when they want to taste a good dish they go to a good restaurant.

The reaction of the voice of “Red” was a message: “I respect your opinion.”

However, when it seemed that the matter would be forgotten, the Colombian published several photos in which he pretended to be a seller in a hot dog cart. At the same time, he put merchandise on sale such as hats and T-shirts with the drawing of a hot dog.

The situation bothered Residente and took the opportunity to make another public and direct download to J Balvin by playing a video on social networks.

“There are the street codes. Speak up front. Have compassion for others. That same compassion is what I had, the day you called me crying, the day I uploaded the video that you asked me to please download, I downloaded it, cab & ^ $. You ended up calling everyone to find me. You left me like eight messages on WhatsApp, telling me false and on the networks you write me ‘I respect your opinion’. Cab # $, what could be more false than to write me a shit on WhatsApp and in front of people make yourself the best? My brother, I am the same through the networks that in front of you, with my thousand errors, with my impulsivities that constantly get me into a thousand problems, but at least I am real, I am me. I’m honest, I’m just one person, not 20 different people like you, cab% # $. We agreed that you erased the nonsense you wrote and I downloaded my video, ”said Residente in his recorded message. Among other details that the Puerto Rican artist revealed was that he wrote the message that J Balvin published on his social networks in reaction to a series of civil protests that occurred in Colombia between 2019 and 2020 against the government of President Iván Duque. “So that they understand: the only message you wrote to your country is written by a Puerto Rican because you don’t even get that … To top it off, you copy it literally from WhatsApp, paste it under your video and you’re such a liar that you put it “José”, as if you had written it, “declared the Puerto Rican.

J Balvin, whose first name is José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, did not continue the controversy with Pérez.

However, he received other criticism from a sector of Colombian society who branded him as being very lax and not expressing himself on those issues that affect his country, both at the political and civil rights level. He was named #eltibiodemedellin with a trend on social networks.

It should be noted that in the midst of this controversy between Residente and J Balvin, hardly any urban exponents were involved. There were mostly exits by the renowned reggaetonists and rappers. Don Omar echoed Pérez’s first expressions exclusively in relation to the Colombian and not about the Latin Grammy.

Bad Bunny, meanwhile, abounded in the Dominican space “Alofoke Radio Show”, that his Colombian colleague shouldn’t be upset with the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences because “Agua” is not an award-winning song.

The “Bad Rabbit” added that although he understands the annoyance of J Balvin, with whom he recorded the album “Oasis”, if he were a Latin Grammy jury he would not nominate the song “Agua”, not even for the Nickelodeon awards.

Precisely, Bad Bunny, Myke Towers and Ozuna at least they are from the urban artists who will be presented at the 22nd edition of the Latin Grammy, as confirmed by the Latin Academy.

Beyond the urban genre

While the regional music singer, Pepe Aguilar, did not mince words when it came to commenting on the controversy of J Balvin and Residente and recommended “dedicate yourselves to making music and now”.

“Why do we give so much importance to awards and not pay more attention to the quality of the pinch! $ S artists? “Why the hell is everyone tearing their clothes right now? And why don’t the Grammys accept, don’t do or don’t throw him into this or that genre? … Let’s see that% $ is dedicate yourself to making music and that’s it, and if you don’t really care about the awards, why do you do so much ped &? ”, Questioned the artist through a video.

Gilberto Santa Rosa, for his part, confessed that he “identified” with the struggle of artists of the urban genre to be “recognized” by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which delivers these awards.

“We were much less aggressive, our strategy was to leave a solid legacy with our work and we have achieved it,” said the salsa singer in October this year.

The “Caballero de la salsa” recalled how for many years salseros were considered artists who made music for a lower social class audience and “it took their time” for them to be recognized and “taken seriously”.

Criticisms of the past

The Latin Grammy Awards It has been peppered with controversy since its inception in 2000.

Many Latin record industry figures and artists have criticized the event. At first the comments were against the producer Emilio Estefan, for understanding that his clients were rewarded. On one occasion, the famous Cuban producer was honored with the “Person of the Year” award and the Latin Recording Academy received criticism for the act.

Gilberto Moreno, general manager of the Fonovisa record company, defined the award at that time as “a party between producer Emilio Estefan and the Sony record company.”

The vocalist of Maná, Fher Olvera, Plácido Domingo and even Pepe Aguilar himself have been direct critics of the award. The famous tenor said that he did not find sense in the creation of an award other than the original Grammy and believed that the Academy should expand the number of categories to reward the wide range of Latin musical expressions.

J Balvin was not the first urban artist to call for a boycott of these awards. Already in 2019, a movement emerged that promoted a boycott of that year’s ceremony by urban exponents. On that occasion, both Puerto Ricans Nicky jam, Daddy yankee, the Dominican Natti Natasha, along with the Colombians Maluma and again J Balvin, among many others, showed their anger through social networks for the little support for reggaeton within the list of nominees. The slogan ‘Without Reggaeton, there is no Grammy’ went viral on social networks in response to the situation.

Back then, just like this year, Residente defended the Latin Grammy nominations.

“They should relax, because the awards do not determine the quality of the music and, at the same time, they should be colleagues with colleagues from the urban genre,” said Residente.

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Latin Grammy: award for son de discordia