Juliana Velásquez, the surprise at the Latin Grammy

It was not the favorite of the category, and not for lack of talent or having a solid record work, just because most of the other nominees had the necessary machinery to impact on social networks and within the members of the Academy that delivers the Latin Grammy.

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As they say, being nominated is already a gain, and Juliana Velásquez, who has grown up in front of television cameras, who with only six years won the reality show ‘Angelitos’, to later become part of the most successful era of ‘El Club 10’, and ‘Play Zone’, to make the leap to acting, traveled to Las Vegas to enjoy his nomination and all the paraphernalia that surrounds these awards.

He was part of the cast of ‘Super Pa’, ‘Las detectivas y el Víctor’, ‘Bad girls’,’ Laura, the Colombian saint ‘,’ Yo soy Franky ‘,’ Noobees’, ‘La gloria de Lucho’, ‘Historia of a crime ‘and’ Pa quererte ‘, and despite that journey and success in a short time, she was not immune to criticism, bullying and others. Topics that this young woman from Bogotá decided not to keep quiet, and give them visibility through her nascent musical career.

This is how he presented it last year in his EP, ‘Dos y Veintidós’, of three songs of his authorship, in which he exposes real problems such as suicide, eating disorder and unwanted pregnancy.

These three songs: ‘Coseme’ (about suicide), ‘Customized’ (about eating problems) and ‘Electricidad’ (about unwanted pregnancy), with videos that are interconnected by means of the same theme.

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This year she launched with an album, delving into these stories, which led her to achieve the Best New Artist nomination, and to receive the famous golden gramophone, which will undoubtedly boost her career abroad.

“It is difficult to open the agenda for some things and the others. As long as we have the desire and a good work team we can achieve everything. With the first months of the pandemic we had time for music, especially in the composition processes to be able to have them ready for these times ”, commented Juliana Velásquez at the time of presenting her first EP.

They were three very intimate, powerful and forceful songs in their message. “For me it is a privilege to be able to release this music, which was never composed to be the three of us together, they make a beautiful group talking about subjects so complicated to tackle, but that it is valuable to do so”.

His first compositions date from about five years ago, like ‘Cóseme’, when family and even friends were going through moments of too strong depression. “For me it is a difficult subject to understand because I have never felt that I have become depressed. For this reason, it seemed necessary to me to touch on that subject, from my position as a person who has never fallen into depression, which is not easy, just as it is not easy to touch on these subjects for a depressed person ”.

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For a time she sang it sporadically, until a person close to Juliana, much older than her, decided to take her own life, prompting her to finish the song to talk about it.

‘Electricidad’, which is the most moved, which was born in the turbulence of an airplane, “I have panic of them, so I started humming something to distract myself and the melody came out, and I had just finished a project where my 15-year-old character of age, she became pregnant, generating a change in her life ”.

Juliana Velásquez, the surprise at the Latin Grammy./Photo: Colprensa

‘Made to measure’ is the most personal because it stems from his disagreement and the problem he has had, “not feeling satisfied with how I see myself in the mirror after so many years exposed on television where a lot of comments arose, from: ‘ The chubby girl is so pretty ‘, even completely destructive comments, so I wanted to talk about it, that one should not be in line with others. “And he added:” We still have a hard time talking about these issues, despite social networks , the overexposure that we all suffer, the cruel comments from anonymity, we do not realize the value of being able to talk about it. They sell us perfection, and when you don’t measure up to that perfection, you start to feel a lot of things and instability. As everything is beautiful in the networks, who will dare to say that it is wrong. Music is the ideal vehicle to generate the most difficult conversations ”.

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It was not easy for her, she did not want to talk about it until a few years ago, when she recognized everything that affected her and made her change her way of acting. “I was late for meals with my friends so I wouldn’t have to eat, I stopped seeing my friends if I gained a little weight. In a punishment of which I did not realize, but when I was aware of it, I began to mention it to my friends, men and women, they confessed that the same thing happened to me ”.

The problem is multiplied if you are a public figure like an actress. “Your work goes hand in hand with your image and everything that this represents. It’s hard to go to a casting and have them look you up and down and know exactly why they are doing it. I have friends that the costumers return them because they tell them ‘I don’t have clothes for you here’, perhaps because they are one size larger. Everything is much stronger because everyone feels they have the right to have an opinion, but it is also nice when you turn around the harassment, and you tell it to people, to realize that you are not alone ”.

Juliana Velásquez is a young actress who will continue in the world of acting and television, with a voice that is being heard and that she seeks to use to carry a solid message.

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Juliana Velásquez, the surprise at the Latin Grammy