J Balvin asks to boycott the Latin Grammys and they give him two zascas that leave him groggy


09/30/2021 –

Ssure what J Balvin He must still be thinking that with how handsome he was, why did he come to ask for anything less than a boycott of the Latin Grammys, whose nominees met last Tuesday. The Colombian artist is nominated with ‘Agua’ in the categories of best song of the year and best urban song, while ‘Tu Veneno’ appears in the category of best reggaeton performance, but it was not enough and argued on social networks.

J Balvin wrote several tweets that he later deleted but his message did not leave anyone indifferent: “They don’t value us, but they need us. It is my opinion and nothing against the other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is already boring. We give them Rating but they don’t give us respect “.

Far from being comfortable, the Colombian came up and asked the nominated artists of his genre not to attend the Gala next November 18 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where the prizes will be awarded: “Those who have power in the genre NONE SHOULD GO !! that is, all of us because we are a movement”.

The answer, more raw than the meat of a tasty steak tartare, did not wait and came twice, from the Beatriz Luengo from Madrid and the Puerto Rican Resident, who replied to J Balvin also making use of social networks.

Luengo, who was elated by her nomination in the categories of best song of the year and best urban song as a composer, along with her partner Yotuel, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Maykel Osorbo and El Funky, from the song ‘Patria y Vida’, published an extensive and forceful response on his Instagram account, although he later deleted it.

“Today he said that no ‘big’ urban artist should go to the Latin Grammys because he considers that urban artists have not been taken into account. And what is ‘Patria y Vida’?”, Reflected the Spaniard, who then continued to distribute tow …

“The coincidence of life made me give him his first Latin Grammy and today I am the nominee for this song. Mr. Balvin, It is not worth respecting when one is happy and disrespecting when you consider that you were not taken into account enough. Nor is it worth encouraging everyone to turn their back on awards and voters who have given a vote to other artists who, like you, deserve a chance “.

“In your words you speak of power and rating, but the Latin Grammys have nothing to do with that and the millions of children who are at home throughout Latin America, Spain or Portugal, those who will surely not have the luck to live in the playlists and yet have a proposal that is worth listening to, they deserve to DREAM of an academy that also considers them. Because POWER and RATING have little to do with the simple and humble energy of the word MUSIC.“continued Luengo, who was obviously very upset with her partner.

The Madrilenian settled the matter with a devastating phrase: “‘Patria y Vida’ raised a town for the first time in 60 years, it was on the front pages of all the major newspapers in the world and led President Joe Biden to meet with Yotuel to praise what music is capable of. In 100 years, when they review the anthems of Latin America and its political-social history, they will remember ‘PATRIA Y VIDA’. The rest are numbers that don’t make you a better musician or more worthy of anything like McDonals doesn’t make better food because it sells more hamburgers. “

Resident and hot dog comparison

But if it lasts was Beatriz Luengo’s reaction, what to say about the video she published the Puerto Rican Resident on his Instagram account, in which he directly addressed J Balvin before ‘sweeping the floor’, as they say vulgarly, with him.

“If the Grammys don’t value us, then why am I 31? I’m not urban, I don’t rap? What genre are we talking about?” outside vocalist of Calle 13.

“Are you going to tell Myke Towers, which is possibly his first time nominated, don’t go to the Grammys because it comes out of your balls? “, continued the Puerto Rican singer, rising in tone.

Resident recalled that in 2020 J Balvin received 13 nominations and did not try to boycott the awards and that this year’s ceremony will recognize the work of Ruben Blades, “a guy who marked the history of Latin American music, a guy who, unlike you, writes his songs and feels them.”

Residente, finally, compared the Colombian’s work to hot dogs: “Your music is like a hot dog cart, which many people or almost everyone may like. But when those people want to eat well, they go to a restaurant and that restaurant is the one that earns Michelin stars.“.

“Then, If you want to be nominated, you have to stop making ‘hot dogs’ and open a restaurant. Or you can also make a ‘hot dog’ well you son of a bitch … The point is, José, if you don’t have a pencil, you have to lower it by 20 “, concluded the artist.

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J Balvin asks to boycott the Latin Grammys and they give him two zascas that leave him groggy

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