‘If I were a Grammy judge, I wouldn’t nominate’ Water ‘: Bad Bunny on J Balvin

Recently Bad bunny was in an interview on ‘Alofoke radio show’, a station in the Dominican Republic, where he has been for a month, creating new music.

In the middle of the conversation, they touched on the controversy over the Grammy awards between J Balvin and Resident. The Puerto Rican confessed that he is a friend of both artists, so he preferred to remain silent in the face of the facts, because, in addition, he considers that “it is a delicate lawsuit.”

Still, he confessed that he understands both points of view.

“I can understand the point of Balvin In a matter of yes, perhaps, they profit from the popularity of the reggaeton genre for ratings and should, perhaps, take more into account the productions, the songs that come out of reggaeton. But at the same time I understand René and there are many things in which I agree with him “, assured the interpreter of ‘Yo perreo solo’.

Balvin was nominated ‘Water’, that is, he was the one who was upset and he was nominated ‘Water’

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He explained that artists like J Balvin, Ozuna and he are generally in all the awards, but the Grammys give a space to those who also make music with their heart and do not have participation in other awards such as the Billboard, so it cannot be hope all the Grammys are for the genre.

“J Balvin, Bad bunny, Anuel, Ozuna are in all the awards and there are many artists that you see at the Grammys and you don’t see at the Billboard. So I think Grammy They give an exposure to other genres, to other artists who, perhaps, do not have the Bilboard exhibition, “he said.

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Bad Bunny on J Balvin

He made it clear that he does not mind that the Academy gives visibility to other artists and explained that, in his case, ‘The Last World Tour’ deserved more nominations, but did not have them, unlike ‘Water‘, song by the Paisa singer who competes in the categories of song of the year and best urban song.

Bad Bunny was awarded the ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Billboard Awards.

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“I think I should have received a little more nominations. For example, Balvin was nominated ‘Agua’, that is, he was the one who was upset and he was nominated ‘Agua’. ‘nor the Nickelodeons “, he expressed.

And he explained that: “The most bastard of ‘Agua’ is the track that Tainy made, but I don’t consider it a song that I say: ‘Devil that deserves a Grammy’. ‘Hawai’ is a song that is a Maluma reggaeton that, despite being the most pop reggaeton can have, is a good song“.

Finally, he confessed that he does not music to receive prizes and that, in advance, appreciates each award that is given.

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“It’s a weird lawsuit there, but at the last minute I’m grateful for the award they give me at the Grammys, the one they give me here, the one they give me there. I don’t make music for the award and if they give it to me , as well. I’m not going to make a lawsuit … I don’t know, I’m calm with my thing“, concluded the interpreter of ‘Yonaguni’.

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‘If I were a Grammy judge, I wouldn’t nominate’ Water ‘: Bad Bunny on J Balvin

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