Humbe, from Tiktok to the Latin Grammy

The “popular” artist is undoubtedly enjoying one of the best moments of his career after achieving his first Gold Record for the single The poet , get the New Artist award at the Kids’ Choice Awards and be recognized at the MTV MIAW as an Emerging Artist, Humbe just received his first Latin Grammy nomination in the Best New Artist category

At the young age of 20, Humbe has already defined a unique style, he is involved in the entire creative process of his songs, he writes, produces and sings, which has made him a viral phenomenon of the networks, positioning him as one of the artists with the greatest current projection.

Humbe recently announced his next album “Aurora,” with which he promises to continue surprising his audience.

HI! USES He had the opportunity to talk with him, don’t miss everything he told us in this interview.

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At 20 years old you are already breaking it not only in networks, but you are also nominated as the best new artist at the Latin grammys, how do you feel?

I am very happy and very excited that they have considered me for these awards and for everything they are considering me, I always say that I do not make music to be awarded but it is very nice that they recognize everything that everything I have worked for.

How did you get started in this industry?

Actually I started from a very young age, at the age of 9 I already wanted to make music and I had to strengthen myself as a musician for several years, until at 16 I recorded my first album.

Who has been your biggest inspiration on this path?

I think it will sound very cliché, but my mom is really incredible, she infects the desire she has for life, the happiness with which she does things, she always leaves her 100% in everything, she is the one that does not let me give myself as defeated.

You have a new album on the doorstep titled Aurora, what is your favorite song?

From my new album, I think it is manifest, it will be released on November 11th. It is a song that I love and represents me a lot as a singer, the instrumentation and the lyrics are exceptional.

Humbe the popular artist from tiKtok to Latin Grammy© Custom

Besides singing, you are a composer and producer, right?

Yes, the album was made by my brother and I, we recorded it at home and the bottom line is that it sounds very familiar. For me it represents much more than just songs, it represents an experience on a journey with my family.

The pandemic gave us a lot of time to generate those bonds, we have always been very close all of us but this album really made us connect in a very beautiful tune, it made us vibrate very high and until now it is the only thing we have heard in recent months .

You have a new song called “Adults”, what was your inspiration for this song?

“Adults” is a song that deals with the nostalgia of growing up, it talks about that feeling of independence that at one point in life we ​​all want it, but when responsibilities come and everyone expects a lot from us in nothing more than the moment of meet a certain age figure.

What do you think is the worst part of being an adult?

The part of traveling alone, I would love for my family to always accompany me.

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Humbe, from Tiktok to the Latin Grammy

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