Humbe celebrates Latin Grammy nomination with new album

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Composing and producing his own album earned Humbe a Latin Grammy nomination in one of the most coveted categories, best new artist for “Entropía.”

“It is incredible that they have recognized my work and that they have recognized a work that I did 100%, it is priceless and I am very proud,” said the Mexican singer-songwriter in a recent video call interview with The Associated Press from his native Monterrey. “I still can’t believe it. I still don’t get twenty (I assimilate) the Latin Grammy ”.

Humbe, who turns 21 on Thursday, celebrates it with a new album, “Aurora”, his second from 2021. In 2017 he debuted with the album “Sonámbulo” and three years later he released the EP “Soy Humbe”, but it was “Entropía ”, Released last March under Sony Music Mexico, which earned him recognition from the Latin Recording Academy, in addition to the emerging MTV MIAW awards and new artist at the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico.

The musician, whose real name is Humberto Rodríguez, had presented on TikTok – where his videos add up to millions of views – singles of “Entropy” such as “Kryptonita”, “Tú me did volar” and “EL POETA”, in which he sings: “Everyone asks me if I write my songs / If they knew that the best ones are not yet out.”

“All ‘Entropy’ I wrote it, ‘Aurora’ I wrote it with my brother,” he said. “I like to be in the whole creative process.”

Humbe was born in Monterrey, but has spent a lot of time in Chihuahua, as his mother is from there and considers herself an honorary Chihuahuan. Despite his northern Mexican “dual nationality”, his music is far removed from the band and the corrido.

“The idea is to break stereotypes, we are all different,” he said.

He began studying music from a young age. At the age of 9 he played the piano and as a teenager he knew that he wanted that to be his profession. So he did not seriously consider studying another career. “Why waste time?” He said. “There was no question there.”

Although he had been close to recording studios for years, he had not dared to produce his own music, until “Entropia”.

“The moment I did, I took off any creative limits I ever had and we started making music that really defines me,” he said.

The title of the album means for Humbe “growing chaos” and emerged after the pandemic.

“It is a way of seeing all the negative that has happened as something that drives us to grow and be better in the future,” he explained. “It is an album that to create it and to do it I went through a lot of entropy and precisely today we continue to go through a lot of entropy … But if we have to know something about entropy, it is that better things are coming.”

One of the featured songs is “Dieznoches”, a song about a lost love with which he began to create and find the common thread of the album, with electronic touches and reverberations that take from ambient music to bass typical of hip pop.

“It was born from a story that happened to me. I met a girl (girl) in a restaurant, we talked all night, “he said. “But we never saw each other again, he never answered me. Then at the mere hour he did not like me, who knows, but I wrote that song for him ”.

“No es x ti” is another of the pieces in which Humbe creates large spaces in his mixes, with explosions of bass and voices and echoes that expand.

“That song was a challenge for me to produce,” he said. “Love it. It is a very short song lyrically, but I think it gets to where it has to go very quickly and gives a very direct message: the truth is that today I care more about myself, today it is for me, not for you ”.

He also has a song entitled “I met you in Japan”, although he has not traveled to that country, which he dedicates to his brother and his girlfriend.

“They met in Japan in an exchange, both being from different schools, it happened that the two were from Monterrey and until now they have been together for almost seven years, their relationship is incredible,” he said.

And in the song “2021” he mentions his parents, while appreciating being able to breathe.

“It is a song that I consider as a request to the universe for a better year, a better life, because it did take many of us by surprise what happened, what is happening, I thought it was very necessary to make a song like that,” he said.

Although he includes some rudeness in his lyrics, as in “EL POETA” and “Dieznoches”, Humbe considers himself an R&B and alternative music artist, and this will be reflected in “Aurora”, which was produced and co-written in its entirety. for him and his brother Emiliano. The album is dedicated to his parents and, like “Entropy”, will not include guest musicians.

“It covers many genres, from pop, R&B, alternative, it also suddenly goes to rock. There are some songs that also have a bit of blues and jazz, “he said. “I really like to experiment with all genres. I think it is something that characterizes the project a bit ”.

Next year, on February 12, Humbe will perform live at Formula E in Mexico City. But first, on November 18, he plans to attend the Latin Grammy ceremony in Las Vegas.

“I’m already seeing what I’m going to wear,” he said excitedly.

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Humbe celebrates Latin Grammy nomination with new album

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