Heartbroken in pieces, Anitta vows to give ‘the presentation of my life’ at the Latin Grammys

Anitta is the brightest star in the current firmament of Brazilian music and the only one in years who has managed to cross the language barrier, succeeding in her native Portuguese, in Spanish and in English. Her presence on the stage at the Latin Grammys awards gala is for her “something historic and momentous”, as was the release this weekend of “Envolver”, her first solo single in a long time. However, while the artist is excited, the woman is in mourning.

A little over a week ago, the Brazilian singer-songwriter Marilia Mendoça died in a plane crash, who was doing for Sarteneja music – the Brazilian version of the Mexican regional or the American country – the same thing that Anitta has done for the urban genres of her country. The two were very close friends. So much so that Anitta was selected to pay tribute to him, as was the legendary Caetano Veloso.

“Marilia’s death destroyed me,” Anitta confessed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in Spanish. ” “So much so that it has made me question and doubt many things that I believe in. The death of a 26-year-old girl, a mother who left a 2-year-old child orphaned, is very difficult to accept ”, he acknowledged. The tragedy reaffirmed that he was right when he delegated the entrepreneurial part of his career to a new team. “I am having more time than before to live,” he reveals. It has also made her think about the future of Larissa Machado, the woman. Even his spiritual foundations were shaken. The artist professes the Afro-Brazilian religion of candomblé, which has a rich relationship with life after death and teaches acceptance. “Marília’s thing has cost me a lot. Now I am calmer, but it is hard ”.

Anitta is ready for her Latin Grammy presentation

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Still, the show must go on and the duel stays with Larissa. Anitta, the artist, has work and projects that help her distract from mourning. The first is his song “Envolver”. “I thought about it a lot before deciding to go out alone in Spanish. A lot of people told me to find a ‘featuring’, but I felt like I was ready. I sent it to J Balvin and he agreed with me, which confirmed it to me, and there it is ”, she expressed proudly.

List has been for a long time. Anitta is today the most successful artist in Brazil, with more than 46 million followers on Instagram, 15.4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and more than 18 million fans on Spotify.

She was also one of the female street artists to develop relationships with luxury brands and the only Latina to have her own “meal” at McDonalds, something the fast food giant launched this month with Mariah Carey.

“I really like the business side and I love music. I do all this because it gives me satisfaction, but what excites me the most is having reached this point without sacrificing my beliefs, “he said. That means that you can talk about gender equality, especially on the sexual issue. She has been more sincere than any other international artist about her cosmetic surgeries and everything that has to do with the functions of her body. “It is that even in that they have controlled us women, we have had to pretend that we do not go to the bathroom,” he complains.

His statements about it, even with eschatological details, have plagued the networks, but he is unperturbed. On the contrary, it celebrates it. “As a public figure, as someone who is followed by young women, I have an obligation to be provocative to generate conversations on these issues. This is how society changes ”.

Although their approaches are important, even essential. The Anitta in this interview also elicits smiles. He has been making music with Puerto Ricans for several months and his Spanish has left the Argentine tone that most Brazilians adopt and now Boricua sounds, with the characteristic way of pronouncing the r’s, plus jargon included. “It’s just that everything sticks to me,” he explains, although he doesn’t have the slightest need. In addition to being bright, cunning, talented, pretty, and a millionaire, Anitta is a polyglot. Besides Portuguese and Spanish, he speaks English and Italian quite well. “I love languages ​​and would love to learn more,” he says.

That ability to blend in appears in “Wrap”, which is the wrong translation of “involved”, that is to say to get involved, or in this case develop romantic feelings. “The sexy song and the video much more”, Anitta says, “but as always, I love to always keep in mind that women can, like men, want a only physical relationship and on the subject I sing to the boy not to get involved ”.


Now that the song is on the street, Anitta has focused on her presentation at the Latin Grammy, where she will participate in the tribute to Gloria Estefan. “If I become half of what is important and I make a little of the contribution that she has given to Latin music and culture, I will be happy. I still can’t believe I’m going to be on stage with her, ”he admitted.

Also, he admires Estefan for her activism. “For a long time I stayed out of political gems because I thought that no one could be interested in my opinion. When they began to ask me during the electoral campaign, I decided to educate myself well before speaking, “he recalled. Today the artist is a harsh critic of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and an activist committed to the causes of feminism, the rights of the LGBTQ + community and the environment. Her voice is heard because the whole of Brazil has seen her develop since 2013 when she presented herself as a girl born and raised in the harshest streets of Rio de Janeiro.


Politicians, however, are not the only ones who have their ears pulled. After her participation in the coveted program “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, where no other Brazilian artist has performed to date, Anitta complained about the little support that her fans had given her in her country. “When the other Latinos see that someone of their own achieves something they celebrate it together, it cannot be that Brazil does not do the same,” he said on the networks after the broadcast of the program on November 4. “

It is not a common reaction for the artist.

“I wrote that because I feel that in Brazil society is so divided that people do not move except to criticize the other. We have reached that point and what I meant is that we have to celebrate the things that are done well.

Not only put the magnifying glass on what is wrong, “he stressed.

Fortunately, her fans’ magnifying glass has the proverbial pink color and they find everything about Anitta to be wonderful. Perhaps the only negative is everything that is making them wait to deliver their next album. “That is coming, soon”, he promised and announced that it will be my essence “and this is what he has been demonstrating with the singles that are on the street such as” A Girl from Rio “,” Faking Love “ft Saweetie, and now” Envolver “. The next thing will be a funk in Portuguese, the Brazilian urban rhythm born in the favelas (neighborhoods or poor neighborhoods) of Rio de Janeiro. “That’s where I come from and it will be the first time that I will present it to the world. Luckily she doesn’t ask that world not to fall in love with her, because it would be a lost cause.

Anitta’s presentation at the Latin Grammys can be seen at the beginning of the gala at 8 pm this Thursday, November 18 through the Univision network.

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Heartbroken in pieces, Anitta vows to give ‘the presentation of my life’ at the Latin Grammys