Grupo Firme: ‘We are not against any award, we only demand that we be treated the same as others’

“Don’t lose your good humor or smile.” That seems to have been the best advice Eduin Caz, the leader, singer and founder of Grupo Firme, has received in his life, a group that received the press prior to its series of three sold out concerts at the Toyota Arena in Ontario. Southern California.

Regarding hotdogs, which have become so fashionable as a metaphor for junk food due to the acid controversy between René Pérez, the former vocalist of Calle 13 better known as Residente; and José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, known as J Balvin, Eduin pointed out that “I don’t like to get involved in this controversy”, but he immediately vindicated the hotdog for its popular connotation, pointing out that he is also a people.

Implicitly and in a very diplomatic way he gave his support to J Balvin, although at the same time he stated that “he would like to support Residente as well”, a position that can be understood as preferring to be in favor of both in the artistic, but refrains from entering into personal controversy.

Musically, and emphasizing his own interpretative versatility, he acknowledged that Grupo Firme’s proposal continues to spread to other genres as a result of his announced collaboration with Maluma, with whom he has already recorded two “very beautiful” songs.

As for the possibility of doing something similar with Enrique Iglesias, whose praise audience appreciated, resorting to his good humor and with a wide smile on his face, Eduin Caz said that “I’m waiting for you to answer me.”

Another of his humor was related to his purchase of a television set whose size did not fit at all with the space of the living room of the house where he lived with his family. That was finally resolved when he had enough money to “buy a house for the television.”

Referring in more detail to his finances, he also spoke of the high cost of his flights in private planes due to his artistic commitments: “We are not interested in money, but in respect for the public that awaits us at each show.”

With regard to “respect” he added that on the east coast of the United States, despite their ‘sold outs’ in the region, Mexican artists are not well known and that is why it happened that recently the moment when his brother Jhonny received “Another award” representing the group in Miami was not included in the television program. “I had said that if we win, hopefully they will show it on TV,” he explained. “I’m not interested in fighting anyone. What we like is music and being friends with everyone. I like to add and make teams. But we are tired of the already merit and we want the day to come when we already won ”.

Grupo Firme received the media at a press conference to discuss their tour and their Latin Grammy nomination.

(Nelson Henriquez)

This time, instead of good humor, the artist used diplomatic sarcasm. He was referring to the Latin Billboard Award, won by Grupo Firme in the category of Best Song of the Year / Regional Mexican for “Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo”, recorded with Lenin Ramírez. “They are not in our world, and we are not in theirs,” he said.

“If we raise our voices,” intervened — sitting next to him — Isael Gutiérrez, President of the Music VIP company and manager of the group, “it is because we have numbers that support us and that is our power”.

In all his concerts and in his appearances on social networks, the presence of this executive is repeatedly highlighted as the strategist who made possible the meteoric rise of the group to the position it currently occupies.

For this reason, and once the Press Conference was over, the Los Angeles Times en Español had the opportunity to have an exclusive meeting to discuss everything related to its 2021 Latin Grammy nomination in the category of Regional Mexican Music Album of the Year for its production ” We have fun doing the impossible. “

Grupo Firme is managed by an independent record company and in this section they are the only independent ones since all the other nominees are backed by transnational record labels. “And this is an achievement of a whole team, a group of friends who work like family. We respect ourselves as such and in the same way we respect our colleagues in music and the public, ”said Gutiérrez.

In the same instance, Eduin stressed that the album nominated for the Latin Grammy was made “with the heart” and took advantage of the topic to reiterate that “we are not against anyone or against any award. All we ask is that if we are invited to a party, they put the same tablecloths, the same cutlery and the same dishes as the rest, not disposable plastic cutlery. A good deal is what we demand. Nothing more”.

Paulina Rodríguez’s dream come true
We also spoke with both of them exclusively about the repercussion that occurred recently after the concert held in the city of Fresno, which was attended as a guest by the girl Paulina Rodríguez, who has special abilities because she has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth and is still a devoted fan of Grupo Firme and Eduin Caz.

Paulina Rodríguez fulfills her dream of meeting Grupo Firme.

Paulina Rodríguez fulfills her dream of meeting Grupo Firme.

(Nelson Henriquez)

He not only dedicated the presentation to him; In addition, he paused for a moment in the middle of the show, he got off the stage to greet her, kiss her and take a picture with her, generating a wave of emotion with his gesture in Porterville, where the Rodríguez family lives, and in cities like Visalia and Delano.

Because of her desire to live and the example of her struggle, Paulina has become a very famous and admired person in the Central Valley of California. Supported by numerous sponsors, she has just celebrated her quinceañera with the attendance of almost a thousand people. Although it is only expressed through monosyllables and very short phrases, witnessing the group’s show has had positive effects according to its social worker and teachers.

“We feel very fortunate, proud and happy to have been able to move those fibers,” said Isael Gutiérrez. “It is about a human being who needs our encouragement. Contributing a grain of sand like that to lift her spirits and also inviting her and her family to a private area after the concert to live with us has been our privilege. We thank her ”, Eduin endorsed.

Already caisi at the end of the interview we talked about the “coincidence” that the name of the Latin Grammy nominated album and the one of the tour are the same, “We have fun achieving the impossible”. The relaxed tone of the dialogue turns into a telltale smile.

“It was coldly calculated. That was the idea. The name of the album and the tour had to be the same. It is the result of all of us who participate in this, those who take the stage and those who stay behind. Here, in the group and at Music VIP, we are all artists and creatives ”: combined answer. It belongs to the team within the team formed by the singer and his partner and manager.

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Grupo Firme: ‘We are not against any award, we only demand that we be treated the same as others’

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