Fito Páez received the Grammy Award of Excellence | Special night for the Argentine

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The prelude to the awards Latin Grammy could not be better for Argentine music: the Board of Directors of the Latin Recording Academy this Wednesday he presented Fito Páez with the Award for Musical Excellence, one of the special distinctions awarded to established artists, composers and producers. In a ceremony crossed by emotion, different outstanding artists of Latin American music were awarded, which included Spanish and Argentine by adoption Joaquin Sabina.

Cheered by his colleagues and embraced at the foot of the stage by the Colombian Carlos Vives, Fito was delighted to receive the award from Afo Verde, president of the Sony record company who has accompanied him for years. “Oh my God! I come from the city of Rosario, I am a very lucky man, I do not like false modesty, so what I am going to say is real, “the Rosario began, visibly moved. “I have been fortunate to be part of the great Argentine artistic laboratory of music, because by letting me into their rehearsal rooms, Litto Nebbia, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García, who were three mentors on the part of the invention of modern Argentine and American music. I feel part of a link in the entire American treasure that was created and invented throughout the continent and in some way I have nothing but gratitude, gratitude and joy“, he pointed.

“I feel like I sort of bounced it, because of course, when you’re there in the room and it’s Charly garcia holding up your fingers and telling you that the eleventh can be played or the F fourth can be played with far fewer notes than I was playing … or Luis Alberto Spinetta tells you that you have to make a string arrangement for such an orchestra, well … all that evidently puts you in a situation of privilege and great responsibility, “continued Fito.” I didn’t know that at the time, because I was very young when I was with them, but somehow, the musical language is so strong, and it marks so much the lives of the people, both in the doers and in the listeners, that inevitably time passes and receiving this award for me is really a responsibility. On the other hand, when they called me from the Academy I thought well, they are calling me to return the awards they gave me … obviously I was wrong. So with much gratitude, with much love and much joy, I receive this precious award and I dedicate it to my son Martin and my daughter Margarita. “

The “Lifetime Achievement Award” is given to performers who during their careers have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic value to Latin music and its communities. With that award in his pocket, Páez prepares for the launch of his new album The wild years part of a musical trilogy that will be released on November 22.

While walking the red carpet in the preview of the event, Fito announced that the album was recorded in Los Angeles and that the first part that comes to light, just on Music Day, is the “band” album that he leads. the triptych. The wild years includes a song with British musician Elvis Costello, who participated from Cuba while Fito was in California, under the tutelage of music producers Gustavo Borner and Diego Olivero.

The second part of this release will be in February and it will be a symphonic work for seventy musicians, with a single song proper and the rest of the instrumental pieces, by the Prague Orchestra, which could also be part of this album via Zoom.

On April will be known The golden light, the last part of this trilogy where Páez bets on the power of the minimum. As he told Page 12 in the pre-award ceremony,The golden light It is an album for piano and voice: “I recorded with a mini Steinway in a very small studio in Miami. It was the riskiest record, because it was the third and I was already exhausted. I didn’t have the composed pieces, I had the materials … and I got there and a beautiful album appeared. ” Along with this last album will come a box that integrates the three discs. Fito hopes to present this new material in Buenos Aires, at the Teatro Coliseo or at the Teatro Colón, in three consecutive days, one for each album.

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Fito Páez received the Grammy Award of Excellence | Special night for the Argentine