Emmanuel ready to receive award at the Latin Grammys; prepare bioseries

This November 17, the singer Emmanuel will receive the award for Musical Excellence of the Latin Recording Academy with which your trajectory in the music.

In this regard, in the space of Joaquín López-Dóriga on Radio Fórmula, Emmanuel He assured that it is a special award for him as an artist.

“It is a recognition that they give to musical excellence, what have you done in your artistic life, what are your achievements, what have you changed with your music, what legacy you leave behind. It’s a special award because after so many years of singing, a recognition of all that, you are glad to know what happened to your life, with your effort, “he said.

He assured that it is a prize for which, more than worked, he has sweated.

“You feel that your career did many things and you leave a legacy maybe something for young people who can also be inspired, to continue, to walk and to do everything that has to be done because well, I consider this race to be long, long races, they are distance, not speed ” , he pointed.

He recalled that on stage he has a great time and that was born to sing, Well, he never gets tired of the stage.

He indicated that when they informed him that they would give him this award, they also revealed that the decision to grant it was unanimous.

“That gave me so much joy and happiness that so many hearts can agree that they name me. I feel very happy to have a career in which you can motivate people in that way and are in their hearts because the artist has to be in people’s hearts, it is where people pamper you and it is the most beautiful food ” , he detailed.

He explained that the prize It motivates him to continue on his path creating new music.

“The awards that we receive have to do with continuing on the path, making illusions, which is the path that I have had since I started my career, the illusion of being able to do something new ”.

Look for options for a bioseries

The singer also detailed that he is in talks to select a producer to bring your bioseries.

“I have several requests to see what production company it could be done with. I have been very concerned in my life to give quality to people, to give them the maximum that I can give and I am seeing who can be done to give me the quality I need to offer the public in production, realization and history ”, he revealed.

He assured that one of his goals is for the series to be aspirational for your audience.

“I hope people like it and that I can also bring a series that is aspirational, not defeatist, which is what also interests me, ”he said.

He explained that within his family there are two very strong stories, his father’s and his mother’s that will be in the series.

“The two ones beautiful stories, very beautiful, successful and dramatic, of course. Hopefully it will be achieved and it will be given the tone that I want, ”he explained.

Emmanuel will be presented next November 11 at the National Auditorium and the 12 at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, then he will travel to Las Vegas to receive the recognition and, later, he will initiate a US tour.

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Emmanuel ready to receive award at the Latin Grammys; prepare bioseries

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