Egidio Cuadrado recognized at the Latin Grammys for his musical legacy


It is a special week for Latin American music. Waiting for the great night of awards by the Latin Grammys, which will take place this Thursday, November 18, at the Four Seasons hotel, from Las Vegas, some events related to the prestigious awards ceremony that celebrate the best of music from the past year have already been taking place. Egidio Cuadrado, one of the most important artists in the country, received special recognition from the Academy in honor of his work in the industry and his legacy. His name was awarded the ‘Board of Directors Award’, which highlights him for his professional excellence.

“It is a great honor to recognize this remarkable group of legendary, yet very active artists with this year’s Award for Musical Excellence and Board of Directors Award (…) His outstanding achievements have created a legacy in the world of Latin music that transcends generations and borders ”, Gabriel Abaroa Jr., president / CEO of the Latin Recording Academy, commented on the 68-year-old musician.

Accompanied by his family and colleagues, including Carlos Vives, his ‘compadrito’, faithful co-worker, and with whom he created pieces such as ‘The land of oblivion’, Egidio, born in Villanueva, in La Guajira, took home one of the gramophones provided by the organization. Through his Instagram account, Cuadrado sent special thanks.

“Mainly thank God for giving me life; to my parents, José Agustín and Cristina, for instilling in me values; (…) my wife Fanny for believing in me, for her love and unconditional support; to my children José Luis and Katherine for their love, for allowing me to be their father and friend; to my grandchildren for teaching me the value of selfless love and rediscovering my inner child; to my sisters and brothers for their total affection and perseverance; to my compadrito Carlos Vives, for his true friendship, for his trust and loyalty; to my little comadrita Claudia Helena, for her absolute support”, He wrote in an extensive message that he accompanied with the photos they took of him that night.

Egidio Square
Egidio Square

Egidio, in addition to expressing the deep love he feels for those close to him, thanked Colombia and the Grammys for recognizing the broad and important cultural value that the country gives to the world, through its music. He thanked his accordion, whom he pointed to as his first friend, and one more extension of his body. According to what the newspaper El Tiempo recalled, Cuadrado was an amateur vallenato king in the 70s and a professional king in 1985. “More than deserved this award. Big hug and long life to my friend!”Vives commented in the publication who, in addition, was sharing in the stories of his Instagram account some of the moments that were lived on the red carpet.

It was in previous days when, Vives himself, through a video, revealed that he had arrived in Las Vegas, in the United States, to accompany his colleague, as he would be awarded with an important recognition. “I come to accompany my compadre Egidio in the first tribute, the first award that King Vallenato receives from the Latin Recording Academy. A Grammy for my compadre Egidio, so I am very happy to accompany him in this special moment, very deserved for the Vallenato people, especially for our land, Villanueva, who should feel very proud because I believe that this award is also a Grammy for the birthplace of accordions “, he detailed.

The Academy, in the arguments to grant him this important recognition, reminded the public that Egidio has played the accordion since he was six years old, which made him accumulate enough experience to become one of the most important musicians in Colombia, as well as one of the most respected. In the 90s, the Grammy portal tells us, he got together with Carlos Vives to work in La Provincia, a tropical group that ‘he sought to evoke the spirit of vallenato by fusing it with elements of contemporary pop-rock. ‘

As highlighted by the media such as El Colombiano, other renowned artists, like Egidio, were Guillermo “Memo” Acosta, composer and performer of boleros, rancheras and rock. In the same way, they highlighted the names of Martinho da Vila, Emmanuel, Sheila E. & Pete Escovedo, Fito Páez, Milly Quezada, Joaquín Sabina and Gilberto Santa Rosa, who received the Award for Musical Excellence this year, 2021.

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Egidio Cuadrado recognized at the Latin Grammys for his musical legacy