Diamante Eléctrico reclaims its “indie” and eclectic place at the Latin Grammy Awards


Las Vegas (USA), Nov 16 (EFE) .- Among reggaeton, ballads and “mainstream” pop, Colombian rockers Diamante Eléctrico appear at the Latin Grammy Awards, who with four nominations ask for passage at the Las Vegas ceremony. Vegas (USA) from its “indie” and eclectic space.

“We are the only independent band in the general categories of the Latin Grammy between Marc Anthony, Camilo… Do you understand me? They are ‘powerhouses’ (powers) very bastards in the Latin industry, people with great machinery behind them… ”singer Juan Galeano told EFE in a telephone interview.

“So, on a personal and musical level, it is a great achievement to be there and see the name of Diamante Eléctrico among those projects that are so great. It causes me curiosity and also a lot of emotion ”, he added.

Diamante Eléctrico, the band led by Juan Galeano and Daniel Álvarez, will be eligible for four golden gramophones at the Latin Grammy ceremony, held on Thursday in the city of the game.

Within the most sought-after categories of these awards, Diamante Eléctrico are nominated in the recording of the year section for “Let me go, Bogotá” and in the song of the year section for “A Sometimes”.

They could also take the Latin Grammy for best pop-rock album for “Look what you made me do” and the award for best pop-rock song for “Sometimes.”

Galeano compared his entry into the main categories of the ceremony as “playing in the big leagues.”

However, these nominations come to them on the road and with “a madness” on tour in the United States with Café Tacvba.

“We will be running a bit to get to the gala, but playing live again has been the most beautiful thing that has happened to us this year,” he explained.


These Latin Grammy nominations endorse the twist Diamante Eléctrico tackled in “Mira lo que me hariste hace,” an album in which the band moved away from rock from their previous works to embrace eighties pop, funk and the music of dance.

Galeano explained that this album “was conceived at home” during the coronavirus crisis but clarified that it has “zero pandemic spirit.”

“Our idea was to make people dance in the house, with our style. And we did it. I feel like it’s our most successful work and it’s also the most pop and groovy album we’ve ever made, “he said.

Galeano was satisfied with having released his “most autobiographical” album, and stressed that his audience has grown with this latest album.

In addition, he pointed out with subtlety that they wanted to distance themselves slightly from certain closed and not very tolerant attitudes within rock.

“Rock is a super blurred word. We don’t want to be ‘the best known rock band’ in Latin America: we want to be ‘the band’, period, “he said.

Galeano said that, after almost ten years of experience, they have earned “the luxury of being able to navigate the waters” they want and called attention to the healthy position of young people with respect to music.

“Our generation, thirty years and up, I feel that it is the one of the intransigentes. The gender question shits me. ‘You are very pop, you are very rock…’ I don’t care. I like jazz, funk, cumbia, rock, blues… ”, he listed.

“There is something in the younger generations – and that I love – which is that they in their playlists can have Electric Diamond, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and Metallica. That gave me the strength to go straight ahead without fear of being called poperos. I also don’t understand why people are afraid of pop. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones in the end are also pop ”, he argued.

On the other hand, Galeano reflected on the state of Latin music and regretted that there is no more variety and freshness.

“The way I see it, it is very homogeneous. I understand that the urban movement and reggaeton are gigantic, but I also feel that everything sounds the same and that the artists who do different things are very small and do not have as much diffusion, “he said.

In this sense, he argued that it would be interesting “to change the chip that Latin is only Miami.”

Finally, Galeano announced that Diamante Eléctrico is already working on his new album, which will continue with the sound of “Look what you made me do”, and underlined his intention to enter new markets such as Spain.

“We are hungrier than ever,” he closed.


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Diamante Eléctrico reclaims its “indie” and eclectic place at the Latin Grammy Awards