Danna Paola prefers to focus on the happiness that her first Latin Grammy nomination has given her

While in Mexico some tabloid media are concerned about exposing their love life with dubious information, the singer Danna Paola makes use of your social networks to speak directly to your fans And in this way she dismisses those gossip and rather prefers to focus on inviting her fans to share with her the joy she feels at having been nominated for the Latin Grammy for the first time.

In a link via Zoom with the Los Angeles Times en Español from Mexico City, the young actress and singer Danna Paola shared her impressions after being considered by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts as a nominee in the category for Best Pop Album Member with Reik, Camilo, Andrés Calamaro and Pedro Capó.

“It’s very strong, I’m really still in shock and I get goose bumps every time I hear it, I think so, I already feel it in my heart, it was news like a hug to the soul,” said the artist nominated for his album “KO”.

“It’s a dream come true of my life bucket list. And for me I already feel like a winner ”.

Danna Paola / Singer

“And it is an honor to be nominated alongside the greats. Believe me, I admire and respect my colleagues ”, added the young singer-songwriter with feeling.

“KO”, an album that was released in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, had to advance its release after a leak of the material that in the end turned out to be very positive for the artist, after the anguish caused by the leak of her album before From the launch, Danna Paola knew how to take advantage of the situation and thanks to the support of her millions of followers she was able to overcome the bitter pill and is now fully enjoying the nomination of this album by the Academy.

Danna Paola has been nominated for a Latin Grammy for her album “KO”

(Arturo Plata)

This album by the 26-year-old artist is very personal and reflects her love life in recent years, which has captured media attention from the first song, through romance, disappointment and oblivion, like a “knockout. ”Which puts an end to the love disappointments she has experienced. “And I also know that the process of an album is very magical and being recognized by the Academy; and of course by the public because it would be impossible without them, it is a great achievement and it is a dream come true of my life bucket list. And for me, I already feel like a winner, “said the vocalist of songs like Mine and Kaprichosa that he has just launched on the platforms with different versions of videos and what music will be part of his next production.

The young woman born in Mexico City also pointed out that at this moment she is enjoying the process of what the nomination is before arriving at what will be the ceremony, the party and the carpet, but what fills her most with satisfaction is that She is the only woman within the category in which she has been nominated. “And that makes me very proud, being next to fellow Mexicans like Reik, but it is wonderful to see how the work I have been doing has relevance, that it has had an impact and that motivates me much more. Although I am motivated, all the changes I have made have been worth it, with KO and all that catharsis that I have had with this album continues to bear fruit “, she expressed.

According to Danna Paola, this album was designed to do something very different, very unique. “To return to pop, in my own way, to find my space, my sound and my authenticity as an artist,” he explained.

The fans who see her famous and beautiful might think that Danna could have a perfect life, specifically speaking of the sentimental plane, but the truth of the matter is that she affirms that it is not like that as the story of her album showed. “I think it is less perfect than you imagine,” she says with a laugh, because for her to put her feelings in all these songs “it was very difficult.”

Having released an album that turned out to be an open book

Releasing an album that turned out to be an open book made many feel entitled to comment on their romantic relationships, but she gave them a stop.

(Arturo Plata)

The mistake he made, perhaps, was to cover the Door too much and allow everyone to comment on his love life. Badly intended publications could take advantage of that to sell their covers and that Danna knows. “And for me, seeing that it was a diary and an autobiography of what I had lived, made me see that I was putting all that outside so that everyone can think and feel what I felt, but above all what I most sought to identify with. all of us, because we have all been through similar situations, ”he shared.

This Cancerian said that her zodiac sign, precisely, makes her very sensitive, but music is her greatest therapy and it is what has saved her from many situations of anxiety and depression that her love relationships may have caused her throughout a short life. . “But everything ends in self-love and that’s what this album and its entire process taught me,” he said.

Danna Paola, who has composed her own songs and has received advice for them, says that during her learning process she was able to receive great advice from J Balvin, regarding the controversy that was generated when the Puerto Rican Residente told the Colombian that his music a “hot dog cart”. “I had the opportunity to meet Balvin and chat with him and he gave me a great lesson in enjoying the process of things and that there are many sacrifices. And someone I admire very much is him as well as Residente, of course, and this situation impacted me a lot. But it is fair to speak of respect, I do not know much about the relationship (between them) and I am nobody to give an opinion, but speaking of the music industry I have also learned to give value to the people who collaborate with me “, said the young woman Mexican.

Being fair and giving the honor to whom the honor deserves, Danna Paola knows that her compositions are only the basis of what her fans ultimately receive from her in the final product. “I am sincere, I come to a studio and with my co-authors, collaborators and producers and I tell them ‘this is my story, help me make it even better’ and this Grammy nomination is part of the success of everyone else who gives me. accompany this to be possible, “he said.

But the conversation was not limited to her Grammy nomination, Danna Paola spoke about her future in acting, her new song recorded in Arabic that was released this week and how she is going to face those who dare to attack her and get into her life. private. Of that and more, the young artist reveals it in this live video with the Los Angeles Times in Spanish.

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Danna Paola prefers to focus on the happiness that her first Latin Grammy nomination has given her

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