Colombian Federico Uribe is in charge of the Latin Grammy 2021 poster

The Latin Recording Academy announced that the work of the Bogota artist Federico Uribe will be the image of the 22nd edition of the annual Latin Grammy Awards. The poster made by Uribe presents a bouquet of colorful flowers that comes out of a gramophone and, according to the artist, refers to Pablo Picasso’s work, “Hand with a bouquet of flowers.”

Uribe’s poster is built from sound cables discarded by the Miami Symphony Orchestra and, as is usual in his style, Uribe reused them to give life to the poster that will become a permanent work in the art collection of the Latin Recording Academy.

“It is a tremendous honor to work alongside an organization that celebrates artistic excellence. I think that whoever creates, gives. Each artist does what he believes and what he needs. I want to create positive memories with my work ”, Uribe confessed in the statement issued by the highest institution of music in Spanish.

Likewise, in an interview for the newspaper El Universal, the Colombian artist confessed that: “Some time ago I built a plastic coral reef that was an installation that I exhibited during the Venice Biennale and it had a lot of repercussion in the Mexican media. One of those journalists who interviewed me was a friend of the director of the Grammys and put us in touch, although he didn’t know why. I talked to him and he didn’t know either. But in the end he said ‘yes, I know, you will be the Official Plastic Artist of the Latin Grammy if you want’. It was by chance, because nothing that happens in life is luck ”.

According to the statement from the Academy, Uribe’s work “illustrates the offering of musicians to their listeners and the connections that music creates between people. To represent that musical gift in the box on the show’s cover, he used parts from a sound system discarded by the New World Symphony in Miami. It is a typical gesture of his art, which gives another dimension to everyday things ”.

For his part, the CEO of the Latin Recording Academy, Manuel Abud, said that: “Uribe’s works are deep and thoughtful, and they call on people to examine their lives. His art and his ability to present familiar objects in a different way are proof of Uribe’s unique perspective. Uribe’s analysis of love, life, music and culture reflects the same elements of Latin music that we appreciate and celebrate ”.

It should be noted that the artist from the capital has a trajectory of more than 35 years in the creation of sculptures from reused objects such as bullets, pianos, pencils, surgical instruments, among other materials. One of his best known works appears as the cover of the album “7 days in Jamaica”, by Maluma, and has been acquired by clients such as the fashion house Hermès Fondation, Dolce and Gabbana, and the royal family of Qatar.

On the other hand, the Colombian singer Camilo leads, hand in hand with Juan Luis Guerra, the list of nominations, who was nominated in ten categories, including song of the year, record of the year and album of the year, “Vida de Rico” and “Mis Manos”. “Thankful to the full! Long live diversity! ”Camilo wrote on his Instagram account after the announcement.

Finally, The biggest Spanish-language music awards will once again hold a face-to-face ceremony next Thursday, November 18 in Las Vegas, The United States, after last year it was carried out virtually as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Colombian Federico Uribe is in charge of the Latin Grammy 2021 poster

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