Clarissa Molina celebrates twice: her first time at the Latin Grammy and happy in love

Clarissa Molina continues to achieve professional success as she has become one of the most important faces of Univision. Her new achievement is having managed to be part of the Latin Grammy ceremony, since for the first time the Dominican host will participate in the most important night of Latin music that will take place this Thursday, November 18 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena , In Las Vegas. The co-host of The fat and the skinny was excited to serve as a reporter backstage alongside Sebastian Villalobos.

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Clarissa Molina to make her Latin Grammy debut

In an interview with HELLO! USES, Molina gave us details of what he will do backstage at the awards, the desire he has to re-interview an artist who has excelled in his career and about his relationship with the artist manager Vicente Saavedra, with whom he has been in a relationship for almost three months.

How do you feel about being part of the Latin Grammy?

It was the goal within the awards that I had yet to meet. The Latin Grammy, the most important night of Latin music, these prestigious awards, I am super grateful to La Academia, to Univision and all the production for being part of me, for being there backstage taking everything to the people, everything that happens, is one of my favorite parts, being behind the camera and seeing what nobody sees.

What do you do in those moments to release tension?

First I talk to God, I thank him very much and that he guides every word that comes out of my mouth, every emotion that controls it and of course the breath is super important for the oxygen to flow and flow with everything.

Is there someone in particular you want to mic for an interview?

Well, Bad Bunny. I interviewed him at the beginning, he was not even Bad Bunny … nobody knew him here in the United States, in Puerto Rico yes at that time and now that he has become a star I would love to interview him again and tell him: “Tell me… watch this interview and now you are here on this stage, you are achieving so many things ”and talk a little with him.

What strikes you the most about him?

Knowing what he considers to be what has led him to be so successful today. I more or less know, but I want you to tell me …

And if we ask you the same question, what would you answer?

The constancy, I think that the constancy of staying prepared, my behavior within the chain is very important. Thank God I don’t have to take care of myself, I grope, because I am a very careful person with what I do, professionally, always so much about projecting what I do in the right way, being faithful to myself, my values ​​and principles and I believe that that has been the key.

You close the year in the best way with this participation in Latin Grammy… what else is coming with you?

I think we are closing this year with a Latin Grammy with a flourish. The cherry on the cake is going to be this, of course spending Christmas and New Years with my family, I look forward to that very much. I’m finishing the Latin Grammys and I’m going to New York to represent the network for the international Emmy Awards because Premio Lo Nuestro is nominated and I’m super grateful that they invited me. If we win the prize, there I will be there for granted. This 2021 has been incredible.

How are you going with your courtship?

I am so blessed that even in that God gave me love. I love music and I love learning things that I didn’t know through it. I’m listening to new music all the time and he still didn’t have much idea of ​​the world of television and he is also listening to how this or that is handled, super interesting.

How would you respond to the criticism around your relationship?

I’m happy, every time everyone sees me they say to me: “Clarissa, how well love has settled you, you look prettier than ever …”. It is the complement that I was missing, I already had everything in my career, going up, going up and still continuing, so I already found someone who understands me, respects me, lets me be, knows what I want, who lets me fight for those dreams I have and the fact that he is supporting me and clapping for me is too much of a blessing.

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Clarissa Molina celebrates twice: her first time at the Latin Grammy and happy in love