“But … no mames wey …”: the night of the Latin Grammy in social networks

There are nights that produce better memes than others and there are countries that take advantage of them better than others. Anglo-Saxon culture, for example: Dune, premiered in Spain in mid-September, there were only memorable memes at the end of October, when it arrived in the United States. Brazil is also a brilliant producer of digital commentary. Spanish-speaking countries have another style of grouping into a trending topic. The 22 Latin Grammys, held Thursday night in Las Vegas, were a good example of this difference. Quick memes, in detail, of visual acuity like those that come out of Anglo-Saxon galas like the MET or the international Grammys themselves there were not, nor were they expected. Yes, there was passion, a lot, when reacting to the constellation of idols that paraded before the MGM Grand Garden Arena stage.

At the beginning of the gala, the most commented topics were the spectacular dresses of Becky G, Nathy Peluso and Christina Aguilera, or the interviews with artists like Rozalén, who with the spontaneity and sympathy that characterizes her, recounted how the day before she began to cry , like any other fan, upon meeting Residente.

The ceremony began with a spectacular performance by Gloria Estefan, Anitta, Carlinhos Brown and Diego Torres, which was followed by the first prize of the night to Juan Luis Guerra in the category of best pop vocal album. Although the decision was received with joy by social networks, this unanimity disappeared shortly after with the first controversy of the night: the tie between Grupo Palomo and Los Dos Carnales for the records Flying high and Style of rancheron, which had to share the award for the best northern music album. “A tie?! But … no mames wey … “,” What is that tie pod “,” What is the tie in northern music, what is the tiebreaker? I want to see heads roll ”, were some of the comments that could be read on the social network.

The following disagreements between tweeters came with the tribute that Carlos Rivera and Paula Arenas made to the deceased by covid Armando Manzanero and that was received – this is Twitter – with a division of opinions. While some valued the Mexican maestro’s contribution to music, others considered the performance to be somewhat narcotic. As if that weren’t enough, barely half an hour after the ceremony, social media users were already showing their discontent over the numerous advertising cuts.

C. Tangana had to arrive to raise the spectacle again and the spirits of the tweeters with Ungovernable, song performed with, among other musicians, Antonio Carmona, la Húngara, Jorge Drexler and Nathy Peluso. The performance of El Madrileño was so unappealable, that a tweeter even said “Weeeey if C. Tangana does not take the album of the year, I cut an egg.” Another, less effusive, sympathized with Ozuna, the artist who performed after Tangana with a concise: “Passing from C. Tangana to Ozuna :(“.

The award in the category of best pop album went to Camilo, who took his fourth Grammy of the 10 for which he was nominated and thus ended Danna Paola’s hopes of getting his first award. Although the fans of the singer and actress showed their disappointment on Twitter, their discontent disappeared when they heard the affectionate dedication that the Colombian singer made to his future son, Indigo: “So that when he is born he will feel proud, proud, proud ”. In addition, Danna Paola retaliated minutes later starring in a performance that impressed both her followers and those who are not … or were. “Excuse me, but I did not think that Danna Paola sang like that,” said one tweeter, while another commented: “There is no reason why Danna Paola’s album is titled Knock Out “. A third sentence elegantly: “Ni cag *** do surpassed @c_tangana Jorge Drexler and Natalia together on the same stage”.

When the man of the year award was announced for Rubén Blades, a miracle happened: the networks reached an agreement. The Panamanian, who performed his classic live Paula C, Not only did he put the audience present at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on their feet, but he also made social media users move to tears with the words that Resident dedicated to him. The former member of Calle 13 had to ask Blades to hold the paper on which he had written a few words in his honor because, with his nerves, it was impossible not to tremble.

The essential moment of the night arrived, Yotuel. And with him the controversy in networks. The Cuban rapper, accompanied by Gente de Zona, El Funki and Descember, performed Homeland and life, A topic that was cheered by attendees and many tweeters, but which also made social networks remember the link between the Latin Academy of the Grammy Awards with the Estefan family and the Cuban exile from Miami, clearly anti-Castro. In any case, the controversy did not go further, not even when, near the end of the gala, Homeland and life won the award for best song.

Many in the networks rejoiced with the award for the best recording of the year for Caetano Veloso, but they were very critical of Maná’s performance with Alejandro Fernández. Although it was announced as a unique meeting, the tweeters would have preferred it to be unrepeatable. That is, it does not happen again. Examples of this were comments such as: “Another year Maná singing one of his old songs”, “Maná and Alejandro Fernández were more uncoordinated than my hands playing piano” or “I have no f *** ing idea of ​​music, but Maná and Alejandro, it sounded like the qlo ”.

The musician and producer Alizzz, on the red carpet at the awards. Arthur Holmes (AFP)

The most anticipated moment of the night was the album of the year award, a category in which C. Tangana was nominated, who lost to Rubén Blades. The Panamanian singer wanted to share the award with all the nominees. This act was interpreted on Twitter as an example of humility, but who knows if it was also an example of justice, given that El Madrileño’s proposal was more interesting than Salswing!, an album in which Blades and the Roberto Delgado orchestra limit themselves to interpreting salsa classics to the rhythm of swing. Be that as it may, the networks understood that Blades’ talent is unappealable and, by the hour, five in the morning in Spain, it was not a matter of putting together a flame.

Finally, and to finish the chronicle of what happened on the networks during the Latin Grammys, it is necessary to mention the fans of Pablo Alborán. Although they did not exceed a dozen, throughout the broadcast they were intervening in the conversations of other users to claim a Grammy for Spanish that, it must be said, was not even nominated.

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“But … no mames wey …”: the night of the Latin Grammy in social networks