Bad Bunny considers that “Agua”, by J Balvin, is not a subject that deserves a Grammy

Regarding the mess between J Balvin and Residente, Bad Bunny gave his opinion on the subject and said that although he likes his “hot dogs”, the Colombian artist should not be upset with the Latin Grammy because “Agua” is not a subject that deserves a Grammy.

El Conejo Malo explained that although he understands the annoyance of his Colombian colleague, if he were a Latin Grammy jury, he would not nominate the song “Agua” even for the Nickelodeon awards.

“I received four nominations with ‘The Last World Tour.’ I think I should have received a little more nominations. Balvin was nominated ‘Water’, he was upset and they nominated him ‘Water’. I judge of the Grammys did not nominate ´Agua´ or the Nickelodeons and they took him into consideration, ”said the Puerto Rican singer.

In an interview on Alofoke radio show, Benito explained that “The most bastard thing about ´Agua´ is the track that Tainy made. I do not consider that it is a subject that deserves a Grammy ”.

However, in his opinion the artist thinks that Maluma’s “Hawaii” and Sech’s latest album do deserve the award.

It is recalled that J Balvin was angry with the Latin Academy of Music, responsible for the selection of the Latin Grammy nominees, because he understands that urban people were mistreated, whom he called for a boycott by not attending the gala in Las Vegas.

“The Grammys do not value us, but they need us. It is my opinion and nothing against other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is already boring. We give them ratings but they do not give us respect,” said J Balvin on Tuesday .

Given this comment, Resident attacked the Colombian, explaining that his musical proposal is like fast food that everyone can like, but it is not necessarily gourmet or quality.

“It’s as if a hot dog cart gets upset and shrinks because you can’t win a Michelén star, and don’t get me wrong José, everyone likes hot dogs,” he began by saying in a video posted on his social networks .

Has a month in the DR

The interpreter of “Safaera” revealed that he has been in the Dominican Republic for a month “low profile”, a destination he chose to come and record what will be his next album.

“I came in a way to relax, to have a good time, to record new music,” he said. When asked why he chose this half-island, the singer who is in the Dominican Republic is the “true muse.”

“(RD gives me vibes) joy, partying. I have always said I have an affinity with RD, she is a muse, from day 1 she has always been a muse because when you see people’s affection you feel the energy and you transmit it backwards, ”he said.

The famous artist said that it is not the first time he has come to record here, but he comes with a “happier” album and that is why he decided to travel to the country.

About the dembow

In relation to what is happening with the dembow, Bad Bunny said that although he predicted what is happening with the Dominican genre, he thinks that they still “have not taken the juice out of it.

On the other hand, dembow has grown so much that the artist assured that it is the genre that is heard the most on the streets of Puerto Rico.

Tokischa is a star

The Latin Billboards were recently held, where the controversial Dominican rapper Tokischa attended, whom the Puerto Rican defined as a “star” and confessed that during the red carpet he was moved when he saw the singer.

“I was on the red carpet and it was like ‘oh another day on the carpet’ and when I got emotional was when I saw Tokischa. I felt an emotion to see someone (…) it felt like there was a star there, someone with something new ”, he confessed.

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Bad Bunny considers that “Agua”, by J Balvin, is not a subject that deserves a Grammy

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