Aroddy wins a Latin Grammy for Guatemala: “I want to dedicate this Latin Grammy to the memory of my mother and my beautiful Guatemala”

The 22nd edition of the Latin Grammy is celebrated this Thursday, November 18. The afternoon began with the Premiere in which a large number of awards of this event were given and in which it was announced that Aroddy has won the Latin Grammy in the category of Best Christian Album, for his album. I already saw myself.

The Chiquimulteco competed with the New Yorker Anagrace, with the multi-winner of these awards, the Brazilian Aline Barrios, the Mexicans Majo and Dan and William Perdomo, from Colombia.

A photograph of Aroddy during his presence at the Latin Grammy gala. (Free Press Photo: courtesy Aroddy)

This album has five songs and the production was in his charge, along with the also Latin Grammy winner, Ariel García and with arrangements by Camilo Velandia, Edson Aroch and García.

The main song that gives the album its name is a spiritual journey in which the theme of the arrival in heaven is reflected and an encounter with great characters in the history of Christianity such as David, Moses, Luther and others, as well as the fact that see God. The video has a million views.

Also participating in this production are Lee Leven, Richard Bravo, on the percussions; He was sailing on electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins and ukuleles, as well as Pepe Ortega on the accordion and Alex Gambo as a mixing engineer.

Aroddy has produced 11 albums: Faithful friend, More of You, less of me, All peoples, Eternally grateful, Love without limit, History, Everything is yours, Long live Jesus, Fragrant smell, I prefer you, and I saw myself . He is also the author of each of the songs.

In the speech he said: “Blessed be our God … for Him and for Him I am here,” He also thanked his wife and children, as well as the people who have helped him in his career for 30 years and the geniuses behind from I already saw myself.

“I dedicate it to the memory of my mother Virginia Portillo de Espinales and to my beautiful Guatemala,” he said, while singing the song Ya me vi.

In an interview prior to the gala, Aroddy said that the Latin Grammys represent an opportunity: “this is an opportunity to carry the message of Jesus and I am honored to be the bearer of that message.”

As a message to young people and new generations, he says that he invites them to dream and add tenacity, strategy and intentionality to that dream. “Dreams can be realized, but if we work on them,” he says.

“Excellence is not an event, it is a habit that is practiced every day and begins every day when we get up and make our bed and it is possible to apply it to all areas,” adds Aroddy.

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In addition, he mentioned that as a husband and father he recognizes that sometimes it is easier to preach and sing than to model the message and it is a challenge. “With the Latin Grammy we model an example of excellence not only with our music but with everything we do… excellence begins at home in doing the tasks that correspond to us, sometimes we have to wash dishes and we have to do it with pleasure and do it well … As a dad I like to instill in them hard work and dream ”, he adds.

When consulting him about his appreciation of music education in the country, he says that it is very important, as important as mathematics. “Music in the country’s schools needs to go beyond theory and practice is needed. If music were taught here, discipline could also be taught, to be more organized without necessarily all becoming musicians…”, he says.

Aroddy did not study music and had to train along the way. “The voice that I now have I did not have three decades ago and if I had had the opportunity to study, surely the talents would be enhanced,” he says.

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Aroddy dedicates his song to the message of Jesus. (Free Press Photo: María René Barrientos)

The last 20 years he has been dedicated to music, composing songs for other artists and also released his first book called 21 habits of a true worshiper, where he captures the anecdote that for 15 years he dreamed of a record worthy of a Grammy.

In this edition of the Latin Grammy Gaby Moreno was also nominated, in the category for Best Tropical Song with Bolero to Life. In this category the award went to God wanted it that way, by Ricardo Montaner (the first to receive), Juan Luis Guerra, Camilo and Yasmil Marrufo.

Since 2002, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts, who grant the prestigious awards, recognized Christian music among the categories. In 2007 Malín Villagrán won a Latin Grammy for participating in the production of the album. Caminho de Milagres, by Aline Barros, as Best Christian Album in Portuguese.

Message to Guatemala

After the premiere, where the Guatemalan received the Latin Grammy, he sent a message to Guatemala. Aroddy thanked all Guatemalans who have supported him from the moment he was nominated and now that he is in Las Vegas to receive his gramophone.

“Thank you for being aware of this day. Guatemala, this Grammy is for you, for all the entrepreneurs who wake up every day believing in that dream. Keep giving him everything, working hard for his dream, because it is possible, “he said very excited.

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Aroddy wins a Latin Grammy for Guatemala: “I want to dedicate this Latin Grammy to the memory of my mother and my beautiful Guatemala”