Alizzz, who helped give birth to Rosalía and C Tangana, is the star producer at the Latin Grammy Awards

The last thing Cristian Quirante’s parents imagined is that that boy who left telecommunications engineering to launch himself into the debauchery of the world of electronic music would end up being one of the main Spanish-speaking producers.

Less, of course, that years after he gave them the displeasure of not practicing the profession to dedicate himself to making music on a computer, he would be nominated under his stage name of Alizzz for six Latin Grammys. All for “El Madrileño”, the album he made with Pucho, his soul friend and collaborator, whom we know as C Tangana.

“We did not make the album thinking about the awards, although I will not deny that it is very nice to receive them, especially when those who vote are colleagues; but ‘El Madrileño’ was the product of our need to present something different to the public, “said Alizzz.

What came out is one of the most original proposals in recent years. The album explores some of the most popular Ibero-American rhythms and turns them around in such an unexpected way that it leaves Toquinho singing trap lyrics to the beat of his bossa-nova, while C Tangana responds with his voice and his particular style.

Alizzz is nominated for Producer of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards.

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His relationship with the Spanish artist is old; in fact, Alizz was a kind of midwife at birth, both for him and Rosalía.

“I did not imagine that nor myself. It’s that I wasn’t even going through my wildest dreams, “he said. In reality, the fact that it has been so decisive in the success of both artists is an appreciation that, although true, disturbs his modesty and assures that “they would have achieved it just the same.”

They probably would have. The talent of the two is indisputable, but that “equal” surely not. It was the sound of Quirante, who in her artistic life calls herself Alizzz, that created the magic of “Before I Die,” the song that launched Rosalía’s career and gave her the status of an established artist like C Tangana.

At that time they were a couple and the Spanish urban movement was in its infancy, looking more towards Europe and the United States than towards Latin America. However, the proposal of both and Alizzz’s personal was the fusion of the autochthonous with the street: rap, hip hop, a bit of Afro-beat and electronic music; and then the dembow came in, that contagious rhythm that is repeated tirelessly in reggaeton and urban pop songs.

The path traveled also has the names of stars such as Becky G, Lola Indigo, Aitana and Paloma Mami.

Alizzz, C Tangana and Rosalía during the recording of the video of "Before i die".

Alizzz, C Tangana and Rosalía during the recording of the video for “Before dying”.


Now Alizzz is ready for the world to hear his songs. Those who wrote at home, with a guitar in hand and a raw heart. He has already released some singles, among which stands out “I don’t feel anything anymore”, a pandemic song that he says represents him.

“I seem very calm on the outside, but on the inside I am always looking to fill my inner emptiness,” he says. Those own songs have the sound of electronic music from their beginnings, but with a more mature sound than their two previous albums, “Loud” from 2012 and “Ocean Drive” from 2019.

In Las Vegas, Alizzz is one of the most sought-after producers. Not only because of the nominations of “El Madrileño” or because his name is also in the category of Producer of the Year, but because he and C Tangana have brought the cream of flamenco to participate in a medley of songs on the album .

And it is that, for him, “with music we have reinforced the bond between the artists and the public who speak Spanish. Everything that comes from there is a gift ”.

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Alizzz, who helped give birth to Rosalía and C Tangana, is the star producer at the Latin Grammy Awards