Sacha Baron Cohen’s Golden Globes triumph with Borat 2

Fourteen years after winning the trophy for best actor for the first adventures of his Kazakh reporter, the king of provocation received the award for best comedy and best actor, as a final thumbs down on Donald Trump.

It was his big return to Golden globes. Sacha Baron Cohen returned to the ceremony with two nominations without having lost a single ounce of his taste for provocation or his concern to constantly denounce the prejudices that made his success.

The British comedian received the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy for Borat 2, a few minutes after the film released a year ago on Amazon Prime video received the award for best comedy. Sacha Baron Cohen, who is also its co-writer, stages the continuation of the adventures of the now legendary Kazakh reporter in mankini.

In addition to her title role in the sequel to Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen was also nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Chicago Seven , the drama ofAaron Sorkin released on Netflix last year.

This Hollywood recognition rewards a career that exploded in 2006 with Borat and the antics of its actor, who does not hesitate to pose in swimming trunks hanging behind the neck (the mankini) during the Cannes film festival. In this film vulgar for some, brilliant for others, Borat, a sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic Kazakh, met ordinary Americans there, in a creaking clash of cultures.

In a magazine interview Rolling Stone, Sacha Baron Cohen explained that the film actually made fun of “people who believe that the Kazakhstan I describe exists“. Kazakhstan, which had banned its distribution, furious at the backward image of the country conveyed in the film, finally surfed on this popularity by using the expression “Very nice!Of Borat in a tourism promotion campaign.

Visceral anti-Trumpism

In the rest of the film, Borat New filmed mission, Sacha Baron Cohen slips back into the skin of the mustached reporter who sets out to storm America. At a pro-gun rally, he masquerades as a singer and trains the audience to sing a song inviting to inject “Wuhan flu” into the former US president. Barack obama. The actor must flee when the crowd realized who was hiding under disguise. “We were surrounded by an angry mob with guns“, He revealed to the American radio NPR, swearing not to work undercover anymore. Sacha Baron Cohen said he took over the role of Borat in an attempt to influence the 2020 presidential election against Trump because “we thought that democracy was in real danger“.

The role, and the gueusarde image which is now associated with it, is located a thousand miles from the social environment in which this dark man with the slender figure grew up. Raised in a Jewish family in London by a father who ran clothing stores, educated in private schools and then at the prestigious Cambridge University, Sacha Baron Cohen joined the Footlights drama club, which launched stars like Hugh Laurie and other members of Monty Python.

It was while playing sketches on the British television channel Paramount Comedy Channel that he was spotted, with his character of Ali G, an aspiring rapper from a small English town, who had his own show, Da Ali G Show, broadcast from 2000 on the Channel 4. The principle of the show was based on fake satirical and daring interviews of personalities convinced that they were real interviews. It is for the show that he plays the characters of Borat for the first time, and Brüno, a gay and exuberant Austrian fashionista. Ali G will be entitled to his film in 2002, before Borat in 2006, then Brüno in 2009.

Da Ali G Show made Baron Cohen a star in the UK. Prince William even revealed that he and his brother Harry taught the Queen Mother to imitate Ali G by snapping his fingers and throwing “Respec ‘“. Episodes aired in the United States on HBO. Among those interviewed, Donald Trump, who described Baron Cohen last year as “impostor“. Before adding: “I don’t find him funny.

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Golden Globes triumph with Borat 2

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