Normal People (Canal +): the “most beautiful series of the year” nominated for the Golden Globes 2021 will fascinate you

Success of 2020, the series Normal People, to see on Canal + Séries, the site of Canal + and Starzplay, will fascinate you. She could well win the award for best mini-series at the Golden Globes ceremony this Sunday, February 28.

Who are the heroes of Normal People, the Irish phenomenon series to discover on Starzplay, Canal + Séries and the website of Canal + ? She, Marianne, is intelligent, reserved, withdrawn even, one could even say anti-social. He, Connell, is athletic and part of the cool high school student clique. She comes from a rich but unhappy family, he was raised by his single mother whom he adores. If he doesn’t participate in the teasing about him, he doesn’t do anything to stop it either. But that doesn’t stop him from developing an attraction to her, and vice versa. Out of sight, these two young people get closer and start a relationship, which could be very beautiful, if they did not get bogged down in fear of prejudices and the looks of others. In this small town in the west of Ireland, too shy, too young, Connell does not want his friends to know that he has a crush on Marianne. She, on the contrary, is only waiting for proofs of love and great demonstrations. What this big one with a tender heart, unable to put words on the feelings which he nevertheless feels for her, is incapable.

Marianne and Connell, the heroes of Normal People, are fascinating

The end of their story? It would be too simple. This friendship-love and this irremediable attraction that they feel for each other will follow them to Trinity University in Dublin. The ideal place to finally live their history in broad daylight? Again, events, especially people and themselves, will be obstacles, to love and simplicity.

In twelve episodes, Normal People dissects this strong and strange bond which unites Marianne and Connell. They are omnipresent in the series, together or each on their own, which almost gives the impression of being behind closed doors, despite the presence of secondary characters (for the most part loathsome by the way). No thrillers, big twists, cliffhangers at the end of the episode. There is none of this in Normal People, as the title suggests moreover: it is a bit “normal life”, two “normal” people that these two teenagers then students to whom we would sometimes like to give a big kick to the heart … so that they finally wake up and understand that they are made for each other. Slow, often contemplative, the series follows them closely, literally, with close-ups on each of them, to enter their intimacy and their most personal thoughts. Despite the slowness of the series, which can sometimes make you sigh, we come to develop a kind of fascination for Marianne and Connell, in the same way that they cannot do without each other, to know if they will finally answer this question: is love possible?

Normal People, an ultra sincere series which caused a sensation

Normal People is an ultra sincere series, for which you are likely to have, like us, a crush. She’s doing good and causing a sensation in 2020, with some even calling her a “most beautiful series of the year”. Aired in April 2020 in the United Kingdom, this Irish series was seen by more than 16 million people for its first week of broadcasting on the BBC replay, then experiencing great success in the United States on the Hulu platform. Adapted from a novel by Irish Sally Rooney, it even had the effect of causing a record of applications for enrollment at Trinity University after its release! Sunday February 28, Normal People could well win the prize for the best mini-series of the year at the ceremony of Golden globes, to follow live and exclusively on Canal + from 11:55 pm. As for its main actress, Daisy edgar-jones, she is among the artists nominated for the title of best actress in a mini-series, alongside, among others, Cate Blanchett and Nicole kidman, just that ! If you haven’t seen it yet Normal People, we therefore advise you to discover it urgently on Starzplay, Canal + Séries and the Canal + site.

A series to be found in full on the website of Canal +

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Normal People (Canal +): the “most beautiful series of the year” nominated for the Golden Globes 2021 will fascinate you

Hank Gilbert