Golden Globes: The Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Stunning 1962 Dress

She may have been one of the biggest stars in old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe never won many awards when she was at the peak of her career. In fact, the ceremony of Golden Globes 1962 is one of the few occasions when the actress has been recognized for her talents. That year, Monroe indeed received the Henrietta Award of the “favorite” actress in the world (before that, she had also won two other Golden Globes, in 1954 and 1960). True to her bombshell image, the actress had obviously risen to the height of the event by slipping into a memorable dress.

Monroe was thus cast on stage in a fitted sequined dress with a V-neckline, imagined by one of the most underrated designers in fashion, Norman Norell. (Some fans have also speculated that the diamond earrings worn by the star that night were given to her by Frank Sinatra.) Deep emerald green, the dress created by Norell for Monroe is, surprisingly, still fashionable: any celebrity could slip into it for an awards ceremony, without being overlooked. no one suspects that this is more than 70 years old creation.

Golden Globes: The Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Stunning 1962 Dress

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It was not the first time that Marilyn Monroe opted for a Norman Norell creation. The actress was a big fan of the American designer, of whom she wore several pieces during her life. (She even wore one of her dresses for her wedding in Arthur miller in 1956.) And yet, Norell, who died in 1972, is a name unknown to the general public today – even as his work rivaled the greatest talents of the time, such as Cristóbal Balenciaga in Paris. Moreover, Norell had received the nickname “the American Balenciaga” thanks to the techniques of Haute Couture that he had incorporated into his creations. With his sophisticated and uniquely American glamor, he has inspired many of the American designers who have succeeded him, such as Bill Blass, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. But who was this mysterious talent?

Native Noblesville, in L’Indiana, Norman Norell made his debut in fashion, working briefly as a costume designer for Paramount Pictures in the 1920s. After working for labels like Hattie Carnegie in the 1930s, Norell launched his own business office in the 1940s and 1950s. studies with his partner Anthony Traina, under the name of Traina-Norell, before inaugurating his label in Manhattan in the sixties. The designer very quickly becomes the darling of stars like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall, who love her way of creating elegant, clean and naturally glamorous dresses. The designer is particularly known for his sequined “mermaid” dresses – like Monroe’s in Golden globes -: long jersey sheaths covered in sequins and often with deep V-necklines.

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Golden Globes: The Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Stunning 1962 Dress

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