Golden Globes 2020: emcee Ricky Gervais spared no one in denouncing Hollywood hypocrisy

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais kicked off the ceremony Sunday, Jan.5, 2020 in Beverly Hills, Calif., With a series of scathing and inflammatory remarks about Hollywood’s hypocrisy, among other grievances. Ricky Gervais, who has hosted the Globes on several occasions, covered a wide range of topics in his opening monologue, but he managed to insult most people in Hollywood.

“I came here in a limo tonight, and the license plate was made by Felicity Huffman,” began Ricky Gervais, referring to the “Desperate Housewives” star who spent time in jail following the rigged college admissions scandal. When the audience reacted, he added: “I don’t care, it’s his daughter I’m pitying.” In addition to his comments on Felicity Huffman, the comedian also made a joke about the war on streaming platforms, telling the audience: “Apple, Amazon, Disney. If the Islamic State organization launched a streaming service, you would call your agents.”

The comedian also spoke out against the hypocrisy of the film and television industry, calling on actors who work with large organizations that are not socially responsible, but who feel the need to present themselves as activists for more social justice. “If you win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You aren’t in a position to lecture the public about anything. You don’t know anything about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg“said Ricky Gervais, adding,” so if you win, come on, accept your small prize, thank your agent and your god, and back off. “

During his opening speech, he also mocked Leonardo DiCaprio’s taste for younger women, and the over-accepting speeches of many nominees. But perhaps the biggest moment of the night for Ricky Gervais was when he made a joke about Jeffrey Epstein and his connection to Hollywood.

“You could have a blast watching the entire first season of ‘Afterlife’ instead of watching this ceremony,” Ricky Gervais began by saying, poking fun at the length of the Golden Globes. “It’s a series about a man who wants to kill himself because his wife died of cancer, and it’s still funnier than [cette soirée]. “

“Spoiler alert, season 2 is on its way, so in the end he obviously didn’t kill himself. Just like Jeffrey Epstein,” he added. When the audience grumbled in response, Ricky Gervais hit back, “shut up, I know he was your friend.”

On Twitter, some viewers were shocked by Ricky Gervais’ scathing remarks about the Hollywood industry:

“‘If ISIS were to launch a streaming service, you would call all your agents … So if you win an award tonight, don’t stand up and give a political speech, you’re not in a position to do it. Most of you have been to school less than Greta Thunberg. ‘ -Ricky Gervais

Whoa. #GoldenGlobes “

“Ricky Gervais jokes about ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ during #GoldenGlobes”

Others were more in favor of the evisceration of Hollywood by Ricky Gervais:

“Ricky Gervais, it’s amazing !!!”

“Damn, Ricky Gervais is killing Hollywood at the Golden Globes. It’s amazing.”

Internet users have also noted Tom Hanks ‘reactions to Ricky Gervais’ jokes:

“Tom Hanks looks the same as the rest of us at this” #GoldenGlobes “monologue.

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Golden Globes 2020: emcee Ricky Gervais spared no one in denouncing Hollywood hypocrisy

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