Criticized, the Golden Globes change their rules in an attempt to diversify

CINEMA – The Golden Globes, American film awards at the heart ofa lively controversy in recent months as to their representativeness, announced on Wednesday June 30 that they would change their rules to allow foreign language films to compete in the generalist and animated categories.

These reviews prompted broadcaster NBC to cancel the ceremony scheduled for next year, to give the Golden Globes time to improve its ethnic and cultural diversity as well as its transparency.

Many had particularly criticized this year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA in English) which awards these trophies for having relegated “Minari”, American film featuring South Korean immigrants moving to Arkansas and filmed primarily in Korean, for the Best Foreign Language Film category.

“Language will no longer be a barrier”

While it was featured in many Oscar flagship categories, “Minari” was unable to appear at the Golden Globes for best comedy or best dramatic film. “Parasite”, the Oscar-winning film the year before, had suffered the same fate for the same reasons.

“As we review our rules this year” to take into account criticism from the entertainment industry, “we decided to take new approaches for upcoming ceremonies and to make sure these films benefit from the the attention they deserve, ”HFPA President Ali Sar said in a statement to AFP.

“The language will no longer be a barrier to be recognized as the best,” he assures us.

Boycott of Netflix and Warner Bros

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of about 90 journalists working for various media, has been struggling for several years with accusations of discrimination, sexism and corruption.

Last month, the organization passed a series of reforms to improve its representativeness and try to appease critics, but those assurances failed to convince the entertainment industry and criticism continued to rain.

Stars like Scarlett Johansson and Tom Cruise have judged these reforms far too slow and vague while two members of the HFPA have resigned from this group which they described as “toxic”. Heavyweights like Netflix and Warner Bros have made it known that they will no longer work with the association until significant changes are implemented.

On Wednesday, the HFPA said the majority of its members had completed diversity and inclusion awareness sessions. New rules prohibiting, for example, the acceptance of gifts and providing for the hiring of diversity advisers are also planned.

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Criticized, the Golden Globes change their rules in an attempt to diversify

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