After the controversy, will the “Golden Globes” soon end? Not so fast …

It has been a tradition since 1944: at the beginning of the year, the “Golden Globes”, these trophies which reward the best of television and cinema. Created by the HFPA, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association), the ceremony has therefore been present for 77 years in the United States. But for some time now, it has been strongly criticized for its lack of diversity. In 2021, for example, he had been criticized for having relegated the American film “Minari”, starring South Korean actors, to the “best foreign language film” category, although the Oscars had selected him. in many flagship categories. The same fate had been reserved for the South Korean feature film “Parasite”, which had been nominated multiple times and had even won the sacrosanct prize for “best film”.

In addition, the “Golden Globes” organization, made up of around 90 journalists, has been accused for several years of discrimination, sexism and corruption. These accusations took on a certain scale after an article in the Los Angeles Times, revealing among other things that certain members of the association accepted gifts from producers and studios in exchange for their support. It was also disclosed that no black person made up the HFPA.

Faced with these controversies, the organization promised to adopt a series of reforms. It intends in particular to improve diversity in its appointments, ensuring that “The language will no longer be a barrier to be recognized as better”, to use the words of President Ali Sar, dictated in an AFP press release. The association also wishes to improve its representativeness and its functioning, but these promises were considered far too slow and vague by actors like Tom Cruise or Scarlett Johansson. Two members of the HFPA then resigned from the group they described as “toxic”. And big firms like Warner Bros or Netflix have announced boycotting the ceremony while waiting for significant changes to take place.

NBC channel skips the line

Since then, 21 new members, including ten women and six black people, have been admitted to the collective, according to the HFPA. But that does not seem sufficient for the American channel NBC, which generally broadcasts the ceremony. In 2022, the channel will boycott the program. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association still intends to reward film and TV artists and fictions next year, but for the time being, the event has not yet found a venue. Nominations will be announced on December 13 and winners on January 9. In what way? We still don’t know.

It should be noted that on January 9, the Critics Choice Awards will also be presented by the Critics Association, which is now a big rival to the HFPA. This ceremony will, in turn, be televised and broadcast by the American channel The CW.

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After the controversy, will the “Golden Globes” soon end? Not so fast …

Hank Gilbert